Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Universe Project

Considering this IS a blog and all, I've decided it's time that we do more than just post video's on it.  It's time to make this an actual blog!

For the first post I'm going to ask you all something.  And this is a concept that I have thought over in my head for years and years.  A concept that I was hoping would one day come to light, because I do not have the means of making it myself.

What if there was a game where you were placed on a desolate planet.  Much like Minecraft in a way, but more in-depth.

The desolate planet is entirely based around Earth itself, it's just as if Earth has no civilization.  When you first spawn into the game, it will track you ip and find out where you live.  This way, it can spawn you in that exact area of Earth.  It is all measured in real time, so if you live 5 minutes away from someone and they log on, you will have to walk 5 minutes in order to get to them.  The planet has no civilization.  No towns, no machines, as if YOU are the start of human civilization.  And you also start with nothing, you are essentially a caveman.  You make weapons from sticks, stones, whatever you can muster.  You learn how to make fire, and slowly move up the technological tree.

Group up with others in your area, or be a loner, whatever you want to do.  Currency is based solely around what players decide it to be.  If you choose an orange to be worth five dollars, and people are willing to buy it for that amount of money, then it will be worth that amount of money in the said area.  If you move out to another area, say one that is half an hour away, then perhaps oranges will be worth a different price there.

Keep in mind that since it is all in real time, the amount of time it will take to circle the entire Earth while walking will be about a year or so.  A real life year.  This is before cars or buggies, or any real means of getting around is existent.  Perhaps you can tame an animal, and ride that to help boost your time, or perhaps you simply want to stay in your area.

You can reconstruct the area around you.  Build a house.  Make a farm.  Perhaps you want to build your actual house in the corresponding area.  Go for it.  But remember, there is no such things as a weapon, so getting wood or any other type of construction material wouldn't be easy.  If you choose to be peaceful, then you can be peaceful.  If you choose to be violent, then so be it.  If you would like to be a thief, or a leader, or maybe you just want to live your own virtual life without anyone getting in your way.  Then you can be that person!

Eventually you can form towns of people that work together.  Counties, states, countries!  And you can therein go to war with out towns, counties, states, and countries!  Or you can also choose to ally with them, of course.

Eventually technology progresses.  Becomes easier to obtain.  Currency changes.  Inflation happens.  Jobs are created.  Space travel happens!  And you can then travel to other worlds, planets, what have you!  Create yet another civilization!  The possibilities are endless!

So picture just that.  A game with an ENDLESS amount of possibilities.  A game where you can live in you own virtual Earth, making your own history!  Doesn't that sound amazing?

Well today I've learned of a little project that is going on, amply named "The Universe Project".

This is a project that is attempting to make a game that is EVERYTHING (and surely even more) that I just described to you all!  If you want to see this happen, then enter your email in the site below.  There is a video on that site, watch it, it will make your jaw drop.

If we all work together, this can become a reality in its entirety! The link is below:

The Universe Project

Thanks for listening, guys.

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  1. Simply beautiful. Curiously, when I began to think what my perfect videogame would be I've imagine some kind of Spore-esque game, but realistic and online. Simply wow.