Sunday, December 2, 2012

Working on a Little Something Different

So I know that as of right now there probably isn't many people watching this blog.  Our traffic is pretty low, but hey!  I'm hopeful for the future, and perhaps one day someone will see this post and comment on it.  Who knows, right??

So me and my companion Dean have decided that we should try some other things that aren't Lets Play's.  Lets Play's are great and all, but they only get you so far, you know?  So here's a few idea's that we've had on our mind.

1. A segment simply titled "Waddles Play's a Hard Game"

You see, I'm a tad bit OCD when it comes to games.  And by OCD I mean that once I start playing a game I HAVE to beat it.  Now, this is very similar to a Lets Play.  And Dean will be by my side just as he is with the Let's Play's.  But this isn't necessarily about the game, it's about how much trouble I'm going to have beating the game.  We'll cut a lot more from this than we do our Let's Play's, and we're just hoping itll be a fun time for every!

2.  A segment called "Overhyped"

This is somewhat a review that we do together.  It's a take on game's that (we don't think) has been done before.  Instead of telling you all the pro's and con's of a said game, and then giving it a number grade at the end, we've decided to do it in a slightly different way.  We will take a look at the thing's the creator's have promised from the game.  The thing's the back of the box says, the press releases where they have talked about what will be in the game, and we will simply determine if the creator's have delivered on what they promised.  Sure, we'll talk about how good the game is and all that jazz, but there will be no number at the end, and it will be determined mainly on whether or not the creators have lived up to the promises that they promised.

3.  Another segment that we have not yet named.

It's quite simple, it's been done before, but we are hoping our creativity will shine through this idea.  We will take games.  Old school, new school, whatever.  Game's that we enjoy (or hate maybe?), and we will simply talk about them in that light.  If we love it we will praise it, and of course, add much of a comedy to it.  Our comedy is somewhat unique, so we're hoping that you guys keep watching for when these videos come out, and keep an eye on them.  Their will surely be games that you are interested in, and hopefully interested in what we have to say about them!

So that's it for now.  I kinda put this out to give you guys an idea of what to expect, and also as a refresher for us so that we don't forget!  Expect more blog posts in the near future!

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