Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Eufloria: The Tree Planet Strategy Game

     This game is one of many that I put into a category called indie. Judging by screenshots of the game I wrote it off as another indie puzzle game that I would get to eventually. Well my friends, never judge a game by it's screenshot. If the game looks like a simple music visualizer, it may not be so. If you do accidentally purchase one of those audio visualizer indie titles, well, turn up the ABBA and feast on the eye candy!

Ah, there you are, yes
    Upon starting up this lovely little application on my PlayStation 3, I found a nice little start menu that directed me towards the simple tutorial levels. Mind you, the first couple levels did not clue me into what was going on exactly. It was very basic. I was left with the idea that this was another artsy game that allowed you to play around on your fancy high definition television. Seeds would flit around a planet and fly happily while the music poured out slow rhythms with synth drums.
     It was all very impressive but once I started sending my seeds to other planets with intentions of expanding my tree garden, I was hooked. As soon as I collected a certain amount of seeds on a planet, I could start growing another tree with a maximum of four trees. The trees grow over the span of the gameplay session. Luckily there is a stats bar for each planet that shows the amount of seeds on the planet as well as the seeds strength and speed.

Name your planet Stanley!

     The game becomes much more interesting when the enemy seeds called the grey are introduced. These grey seeds populate grey planets with grey trees. These are the evil twins of our seed heroes. Grey seeds seek planets just as you do. Chaos ensues when another enemy appears in gold. These gold planets are run by a much more fierce enemy that swallows your seedy explorers while also making quick work of the grey seedlings as well.

     As the beautiful tress sway on top of the planets, the seeds that pop out of them zip around the planet on patrol for the evil forces of grey seeds. It is truly amazing to hear the enemy forces fight your seeds. It reminds me of a late night session of Galaga with all of the seeds making whoosh and pew pew noises. These little seeds are armed and ready for combat much akin to space ship dog fighting.

     Overall the game is exciting and definitely worth the play through. It's a light strategy game with a simple goal that is built around an artsy and enthralling atmosphere. Once you start managing your planets and sending seed raiders to capture the next planet, you'll realize that the game really grows on you. 


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