Thursday, February 28, 2013

Who is the best hero or villain of 2012?

Good evening out there, this week is the beginning of a huge project. During the year 2012 we saw a lot of great games with excellent heroes and villains, but have you ever wondered which was the most powerful? Could David Mason defeat Alex Mason, or could Master Chief take down General Shepard? The villains were also very dynamic among the Didact, an ancient forerunner warlord more powerful than anything, and villains such as Vaas, who were notorious and menacing while being interesting and even a little humorous. What I have here is a tournament competing for the best hero of the year, between protagonists such as David and Alex Mason from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2; Two military leaders with the spirit courage, determination, and in David’s case technology to take on any foe. Mater Chief from Halo 4: a super soldier bred for war and knows nothing else, has taken down huge armies from the flood to the covenant and now the Prometheans. General Shepard from Mass effect 3: a captain of an intergalactic justice organization saving planets and beings across the globe, even saving the entire galaxy at times. Corvo Attano, from Dishonored: once a protector is now an assassin on the run. His stealth, combat, and intelligence slowly toke down an entire tyrannical government. Connor Kenway from Assassins Creed 3: A Native Assassin who fought for liberty and for justice, and was critical to winning the American evolutionary war. Agent forty seven from Hitman Absolution: a man bred for war behind the shadows, being able to adapt and improvise any environment or situation to complete the objective. Finally Jason Brody from Far Cry 3: a man forced to turn into a harsh creature, using extremely skilled hunting and tactical strategy to get passed any obstacle without any injury fazing him.

The villains are among “Handsome Jack” from Borderlands 2: a crude politician who was able to manipulate an entire nation under his control, one who is sneaky and ruthless enough to wipe out any who oppose him. Vaas from Far Cry 3: the leader of a slave trading criminal organization who has complete control of his island. There is nothing too evil for Vaas, he will truly do anything to get what he wants. Raul Menendez from call of Duty: Black Ops 2: bred to hate and suffer from Western influences, is extremely clever and plans out every step. Everything his enemies do he wants them to do, responsible for Cordus Die, a rebel organization of two billion. Haythem Kenway from Assassins Creed 3: a former assassin who influenced and led the templar force in revolutionary America. He is superior in combat and stealth than many others and manipulates those around him for his will. Spy master, or lord as he likes it, Regent from Dishonored: a tyrannical traitor of his government, who ruthlessly took power and influenced his will like a great emperor. Blake Dexter from Hitman Absolution: a wealthy investor with a corrupt and dark inside. He has an ensemble of criminals by his side with the power to control anyone he wants, making federal agencies even afraid of him. The Didact from Halo 4: an ancient general who has the power and strength to easily eliminate any opponent, and was so dangerous that he was sealed by his own kind for thousands of years. Now he has an army. Saren Arterious from Mass Effect 3: an intelligent and determined rogue spectre whose goal is to wipe out as many living things as possible, and has a special hatred for humans. Do not worry though, when the fights occur a much, much more in depth look shall be seen to each of the opponents and their characteristics.

The winners of these two categories shall face off and we shall see hero or villain, who was the greatest warrior in gaming of 2012. Make sure to tune into these tournaments and in depth battles weekly if there are a few heroes or villains here that you especially like, as always feedback belongs to the comment’s section. Here are the charts for the hero match up and villain match up.

David Mason shall be facing Alex Mason for obvious reasons. They are almost identical heroes but with different enough traits to find interesting. Master Chief and General Shepard are facing off because they are both futuristic space military leaders always fighting against huge odds to save the galaxy, and always face the expense of their allies. Corvo Attano and Connor Kenway are both assassins who fight for justice against a tyrannical rule with interesting combat differences, so they shall fight first. Agent forty seven and Jason Brody are going to face in combat because they both do their job the same way. They stealthily examine and plan the attack and take the enemies out one by one, being a hunter and at times the hunted.

Jack is against Regent because they are almost the same thing. Both took power pretty much by force and rule their domain however they please so. Raul Menendez shall face Haythem Kenway because in a way they are opposites, or natural competitors. Raul Menendez is a genius behind a rebellious organization to give the power to people, and not live with such control. Haythem Kenway fights for the opposite: order and discipline in people. If Raul Menendez lived during Haythem’s time they would most definitely be enemies. Vaas and Blake Dexter are both in criminal organizations and do what they do for money. They are ruthless and cruel gang lords, Blake owns a city (a lot more in reality) while Vaas owns an island both through aggressive power. The Didact and Saren Arterious are both space generals, and are in this list probably the best singularly in combat (there are more factors in this tournament than individual strength however) and both have a hatred for the human race.

I know that there is a number more of characters I could have used, such as characters from Diablo III or Guardians of Middle Earth. However the reasons why I did not include them are because it was too difficult to match them with appropriate competitions, and I have not played those games or even heard of them to a great degree, so even researching their characteristics are difficult. The characters on the lists above are not all completely known by me; however they are so popular that it will be easy to find a lot of information about how they play specifically in the game, and besides these tournaments cannot be too long.

Each week I shall record a battle both from the hero and villain tournament with great detail of how they fought and why one of them won. Next week the first battles shall be fought between Alex and David Mason in the hero’s side, and Jack shall face Lord Regent in the villain’s side. To let the fans know, once this tournament is over with I shall probably host more, and you as a fan can dictate what the next tournament will be about. Such as the best game of all time, and deadliest warrior of all time, the funniest or best character in video games, or the most powerful thing in gaming (triforce, a Halo ring, the gods who came before, etc.). Also while these face offs are going on, if you really want one character to win a battle you can post in the comments a very in depth description of why you think your character should win, and if they prove enough of a point it will highly influence my choice. As a writer I try my best to put in as little personal bias as possible, even when it is difficult. As well as the main tournament I am also doing sub-tournaments with fewer participants just because these long tournaments are very long term, so sometimes short term fast content is good as well. These can be chosen by the comments. As the reader can see there is no sub tournament yet, and if one is not chosen by the reader I shall chose, however I would really like to examine the ideas of others. My two ideas for the first sub-tournament is the greatest military force in 2012, and the greatest weapon in 2012, however the problem with those is that there are way too many appropriate military forces that I simply must put into the tournament making it too big. On the other hand there were not a lot of iconic weapons to use this year that I can think of. If anyone really wants to see a tournament of one of these two topics than please comment what you think should be the participants. Next week Alex Mason shall face combat with David Mason meanwhile “Handsome Jack” faces off with Lord Regent, so tune in!

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