Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hero vs Villain tournament 4

      Alright today we’re on the fourth part of the first round of tournament where on the hero side Connor Kenway (Assassins Creed 3) is taking on Corvo Attano (Dishonored) meanwhile on the villain side Vaas (Far Cry 3) faces against Blake Dexter (Hitman Absolution). Corvo Attano faces Connor Kenway because they are both assassins, using stealth tactics to take down their targets toward a cause of justice. Blake Dexter and Vaas are both criminal men of money, which is why they do what they do. In their pursuit of prosper through human suffering they become very powerful and dominant over others.


         Although many (including myself) still favor Ezio over Connor in the Assassins Creed series it is undeniable that Connor is a great character. He was born and raised by his mother in a Native tribe and was named Ratonhnhake:ton, and was named Connor by his assassin master Achilles, but for the sake of reading and writing let’s just keep it at Connor. His village was destroyed and his mother was burned to death by the influence of Charles Lee. In a few more years Connor saw a vision given to him by Juno to protect his tribe and he must travel to the door with the assassin symbol. This began Connor’s journey by leaving his tribe and getting trained by Achilles. Connor began fighting for the patriots, including Samuel Adams and George Washington. Connor was responsible for the majority of the patriots’ major battle victories and highly supported them. His father, who was a templar, found out that the patriots were planning on destroying the tribe as well, and from that point Connor fought for no sides. He eventually took down the entire American templar order, including Charles Lee and his father. After he completed his goals he lived a peaceful remainder of his life. In conclusion: Connor Kenway is a great hunter and fighter, even greater than Haythem. He can free run in not only cities but in forests as well, and uses a bow for a stealthy effect.


       No one really knows the back story of Corvo Attano before he became the protector of the empress, and his only friend was Emily, the daughter of the empress. Corvo Attano was a lord protector of the empress, until she was murdered and the killing was framed on him. This conspiracy was lead by Hiram Burrows, or Lord Regent. From this point on Corvo had to fight his way up and assassinate conspirators until justice was achieved. Along with his ensemble of stealth gadgets he also has super natural powers that allow him to jump and run at great speeds as well as become very hard to see.


       Connor had finally located his target; Corvo Attano in a small secluded forest area where he was sent by the apple. There, Corvo Attano was waiting, for he had been sent here to complete his training and become a master assassin himself, and he only had one target. The site was clearly made by those who had the same powers as he, so they knew this must be serious. Connor was in a tree in the distance with his bow to the ready; he saw his target and knew what he had to do. He released his bow, and right before the impact Corvo immediately turned, dodging the arrow by inches. He looked as if he hadn’t even intended to dodge it, however he completely did, and an arrow from his crossbow followed. Connor jumped from tree to tree as if he was born to, and immediately reached the clearing. As Corvo Attano prepared for another shot Connor shot a rope dart at the crossbow and drew it from his hand. Corvo dashed at Connor so quickly he could not draw his blade. Dodging his sword attacks Connor managed to draw his hidden blade and attack back. It was clear that they were evenly matched until Corvo used his super natural magic to push over Connor. He quickly got up and drew his tomahawk and managed to disarm one of Corvo’s blades. However Corvo was done with mere combat, he jumped into a tree, higher than Connor saw anyone jump. Unfortunately Corvo was unfamiliar with tree climbing trees; however he could still cloak himself. Connor climbed the trees, and watched for Corvo, however he did see Corvo, through eagle vision. As he went for the kill Corvo grabbed his hidden blade arm and began crushing it using his push, and once his arm let go Corvo stabbed Connor and ended him. Connor fell from the tree and died. And Juno appeared in the middle of the clearing and said “Congratulations Corvo Attano, you have one and become worthy of the journey that lies ahead of you.”

          The two opponents were evenly skilled in combat and stealth. The only advantage over Corvo was Connor’s ability to free run in trees. Corvo had his super natural powers that gave him the edge to defeat Connor. Corvo Attano advances to go into the semi-finals.


         Blake was born in 1942 and owned his first business in 1977. He was considered a ruthless business man and was known to get his hands dirty to get what he wants. He married twice and gained custody of one son named Lenny. He was rumored to be abusive at home. He was a very powerful man in the town of Hope, because he provided so many jobs and business he was not acted upon for any crimes that he committed not the crimes of his son’s gang. In his later years his actions were more illegal, which caused Agent forty nine to be on him. In conclusion, Blake Dexter is a powerful and protected man, and he has considerable abusive skills, however his henchmen do most of his dirty work.


         “Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity” This is Vaas’ description of insanity loosely based on a quote from Einstein, which is doing the same thing over and over again expecting it to be different. Vaas is definitely one of the most interesting villains of 2012. Vaas Montenegro became addicted to drugs in the island of Hoyt and became a slave dealer in order to satisfy his addiction. He is crazy, ruthless, and unpredictable. He comes across Jason Brody and captured him and his friends. Jason always got right out of his grasp and eventually killed him one night while he was on drugs. Playing through the game one sees the emotional trauma that Vaas causes on people. I highly suggest personally researching some famous scenes or lines from Vaas, he is truly amazing. It is good to note that despite all this Vaas was killed halfway through the game, and was killed by Jason while Jason was intoxicated by drugs. In conclusion: Vaas is a ruthless, crazy, and vicious enemy.


        Blake Dexter thought he could expand his business overseas to slave trading over in the island of Hoyt without trouble. He was wrong. Vaas and his men went over to attack his building and making his business remain a monopoly. “Release the pussy cats, these white bitches won’t know what to do.” His men immediately released two starved blood lusting tigers out of their cages running towards the peripheral henchmen of Dexter’s building. Meanwhile inside Dexter was treating someone that he found. The room was bloody and so were Blake’s hands. “Now for the sake of my fists, I am only gonna ask you one more time, who are ya working for?” Vaas’ beaten worker replied by spitting on the floor, and Blake ended his life with a bullet. A panicking henchman came and yelled “Sir………tigers!” Blake looked out the window to see his men being torn apart and some men in the back laughing. Blake responded by mounting a machine gun and without hesitation killing the tigers and a few enemies. He heard a yell “You think you can come here to do what you want; I own this island you bastard.” “I am quite sorry to hear that, because unfortunately this is now my island.” Vaas gave a comical expression of consideration from within the jungle, and nodded to his men. Suddenly oil was being spilt around the building and the fire was lit. Suddenly the surroundings were ignited and Blake and his men were trapped in the building. Blake smirked and said “…was a cheap building anyway.” Vass and his men were slightly confused when they saw no people trying to escape the building, until a helicopter emerged from the roof and proceeded to shoot at the jungle with a machine turret. The fire was beginning to spread into the forest and Vaas’ group needed to move out. Many of his group was taken out by the blindly shot bullets, up until the copter came in sight of a sniper tower. A single shot took out the pilot, and down came the spiraling copter. Vaas looked into the wreckage and was soon ambushed by Blake. Blake was significantly stronger and punched and abused Vaas for quite a while, and threw him on the ground. A very weary beaten Vaas managed to pull out his knife. “Do you know what I am going to do to you? What would you rather, be fed to the cannibalistic natives or more tigers like your friend? Or would you like to be tied up and thrown in that fire?” Vaas saw Blake going for his gun so he lunged at him and stabbed him in the arm that went for the gun, Blake then fell to the ground. “I got it, I can sell you as part of my merchandise, imagine me selling some self indulging white power as a slave.” He seemed quite delighted and then beat Blake to unconsciousness.

          I know neither died, although I am pretty sure one can formulate that Vaas won. Really he was very similar to Blake, only being slightly inferior at combat, although he does carry a knife. What won for him was that he was far more ruthless and creative than Blake. He used tigers to take out about half of Blake’s men. In the end I think that Vaas would believe that killing Blake would be too nice, however making him a slave is just sinister. He deserved his win, and so did Corvo Attano. Vaas shall continue to the semi finals. Tune in next week to see Jason Brody (Far Cry 3) face agent 49 (Hitman Absolution. and the didact (Halo 4) faces Saren Arterius (Mass Effect 3).

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