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DayZ Diaries Chapter One: Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

Hello everyone, and welcome to my newest installment: DayZ Diaries!  I am a avid DayZ player, and throughout the last few months of its release, I have had many adventures, and many stories to tell.  For those who do not know what DayZ is, it is an extremely realistic zombie apocalypse mod for the game Arma II.  

Throughout the days of playing, I have wrote down many of the adventures and stories that I have accumulated, and today I have decided to begin sharing them with the public.  I try to turn these into actual stories, making them as realistic as possible to help keep your attention.  The thing that makes DayZ so great is that the stories, more often times then not, don't have the ending that one may expect.  It's not always going to end happily, in fact, it rarely seems to.  At any rate, here's my first attempt at this, let me know what you think in the comments!

Eddie Veenstra, Elektrozavodsk, Day 18

We heard them rolling in from a mile away.  We all got into positions the second we heard the faintest noise of an engine.   Elektrozavodsk, or Elektro, as we called it, was eerily empty today.  This was our first time actually entering the city streets, but our camp wasn't located far.

We built the camp on the side of a mountain just outside of the city.  It wasn't much, just a single tent filled with a few cans of food, some soda, and a single machine gun.  We could always hear firefights going down in the city, once the shots died down it would only take an hour or so before they started up again.  New prey for the bandits to feast their sick souls on, I guess.

You see, the infection only started about 2 and a half weeks ago, but the people of Russia adapted at an extremely quick rate.  They were often merciless, and considering my two other group mates and myself couldn't speak Russian, they didn't give us much of  chance.  If they couldn't understand us, then really they had no use for us other than the equipment that they could loot from our dead corpses.

The first week was the roughest.  You take four Americans and stick them in Russia and they'll have a rough time fitting in.  Take four Americans and stick them into a zombie infested Russia, and you'll find that their survival is nearly impossible.  The first day that it happened no one knew what was going on.  Screams could be heard on the streets, if you dared look outside your window you could see plenty of people getting eaten alive.  Shops were getting raided, cars stolen, but no one seemed to care, most people just wanted to get out of town as quickly as possible.  Too bad for the four of us, we didn't have a car, and we weren't about to walk out onto those streets at this point in time.  As if the chaos of people being eaten alive wasn't enough, the type of weapons that the public of Russia owned were just as terrifying.  Military grade pistols, sub machine guns, shotguns, the whole nine yards.  We decided it would be best to stay inside until it calmed down a bit, and pray to God that those things didn't get into our apartment.

On the third day we decided it had cooled down enough to leave.  We grabbed our backpacks, filled them with as much food and drink as we could, and headed out on our way.  We decided it best to get out of the city, find a place to camp out, maybe in the woods just on the outside of town.  However, even with everything calmed down, it was only a matter of minutes before the bastards were all over us.  We ran through the streets, doing all that we could to avoid the every-growing hoard behind us.  Marcus took the lead, with me close behind.  Trevor was third in the line, and Adam, the largest of the four of us, tagged along in the back.  We had always worried about him, this was certainly no world for an overweight man who suffered from diabetes and asthma.  As terrible as it sounds, we had already come to acceptance with his death, even before it happened.

By the fifth day, it was just us.  Marcus, Trevor, and myself.  We still hadn't found a good place for refuge, but Trevor did find an old camping tent in a supermarket that we had stumbled upon, it was large enough to hold one of us, so we came to the conclusion that once we found a place to call home, we would take turns sharing the tent every night.  At this point we had exited the city of Chernogorsk, and were headed straight for Electro.  We estimated it would take six hours or so to get there by walking.  Two hours later we could easily see the massive size of the mountain that we decided to settle down on, and by nightfall we had found a good place to camp out on its rocky exterior.  The following days we're quite lazy.  We were far too afraid to actually go anywhere, as death lingered around every corner.  At this camp we felt... Safe.  For the first time since the outbreak began, we actually felt safe.  Just last week any of us would have scoffed at the thought of having to spend the night on a cold, hard mountain.  Today it was like paradise.

Our food lasted us until today, the 18th day of our survival.  Electro was only about an hour walk from our location, and while we knew it was a deadly task, we also knew that there wasn't much other choice.  As we headed in, the city was silent.  We had become fairly proficient at sneaking around without the zombie's noticing, but unfortunately it wasn't the undead that worried us.

On the 12th day, we encountered a traveler with a sub-machine gun wandering our mountain, surely looking for a place to stay just as we had done.  After mugging him, taking his gun and threatening to kill him with it, he decided to give us information in return for his life.  He told of us his travels in Electro, that there was a group of bandits that were camped out in the middle of the city, and that they will kill anyone on sight.  Apparently killing is like a drug to them.

That's what we were worried about the most.  If even a single zombie were to begin chasing us we would have no choice but to run, or shoot him.  Both of which would not only attract more of these bastards, but also give away our location.  It was unmistakable that if we let even a single zombie notice us, then we would be dead meat.

We managed to make it to downtown without any flesh eaters, or any murderers, noticing us.  Trevor and I both found rifles with a good amount of bullets after raiding some apartments.  Marcus held the sub-machine gun that we had stolen from the traveler.  By the time we reached the supermarket, got our fill of food and water, we decided it best to check out the school before leaving.  God knows what wonders the place might hold, or, at the very least, maybe we could find a book to read or something of the sort.

It was just after we reached the second floor that we heard it, the engine in the distance.  Both me and Trevor were in the school, while Marcus was on the lookout in an apartment across the street.

"You hear that?" I whispered to Trevor.

"Yeah..." He responded, his voice was hesitant, and shaky.  We had enough to worry about as it was by coming into this town, perhaps these were the bandits coming back from a mid-day raid at some camp to the North?  "What do you suppose we do about it?"

My mind was racing.  "Well we can't run.  Too many zombies, and not enough time.  If these happens to be the bandits, then maybe we can catch them by surprise and finally take the bastards out."

We both rushed down a hallway, and out a door that lead to a balcony.  Nearby was a ladder, which lead to the rooftop of the school.  It was a high place, a good place to keep a lookout; a good place to take a shot.  My eyes jolted across the street, into the apartments where Marcus was stationed.  His eye's peered back at me through the dusty window, no doubt that he heard the noise as well.  With a few hand signals I conveyed my point to him.  He nodded with approval.

By the time we both laid down on the rooftop, the engine was extremely audible.  Anyone in the nearby vicinity could easily hear it.  I crossed my fingers that it was the bandits, for if it wasn't, then there was no doubt they were making their way to this part of the city.

Moments later, the car arrived.  A jeep of some sort, two seats in the front, two in the back.  There only appeared to be two men in this case, and they drove right into the backyard of the supermarket.  It was a miracle that no zombies were on top of them already.

Trevor and I kept an eye on the marketplace.  They entered through the back, but we knew it was only a matter of time before they reached the front of the store, an area that was practically surrounded by glass windows.  Trevor's gun clattered against the concrete of the school rooftop, he was shaking uncontrollably.

"Do you think that they noticed us?"  He asked.

"Doubtful."  I responded "They're probably more worried getting supplies than they are about us.  It'll be the death of them if they're not careful."

It wasn't long after that they they revealed themselves.  They were both wearing a pair of camo shirts, and didn't appear to be much of bandits in the least.  Both held guns of some sort, though I couldn't tell what kind from this distance, but I would bet my life that they were machine guns of some sort.  They continued to scurry around the store, searching through shelves, cupboards, and various other places.  I waited silently, it was only a matter of time before they began checking the shelves closest to the window, giving us a perfect shot.

And just as luck would have it, there they went, straight to the shelf I was keeping on eye on.  Both of them crouched on one knee, shuffling through the shelf.  I raised my gun.

"What the hell are you doing??" Trevor angrily whispered at me.

"I'll take out the one on the left, you take out the one on the right." I replied.

"Are you crazy?  What would that accomplish?  They don't see us, we'd just be killing ourselves!"  His voice continued to grow more aggressive, but never got louder than a whisper.

"I want that jeep."  I said  "Do you realize what we could do with that thing?  Not to mention that they have two guns on them, and possibly even more weapons and equipment in the back of that vehicle."  It was difficult having such an important conversation and only being able to whisper at one another.  "They don't see us, and that's precisely why we should kill them now, while we have the chance."

"You're not thinking clearly--" He began.

"The longer we stay here, the more chance that the bandits will come.  If we can get in that jeep, then we can get the hell out of hear before they arrive.  The longer we hang out on this roof, then the longer we're just digging our own graves.  I'm taking the shot with or without you, so you might as well help me take the assholes out."

Trevor stared at me, dumbfounded.  He wasn't confused, quite the opposite, Trevor was a smart guy, he just so happened to have this stupid look whenever he was thinking about some extensively.  He was currently going over my argument, surely checking for an opposition.  I didn't give him a chance to think of one.

I raise my gun, placing the sights right onto the head of the first victim "Are you with me or not?" I asked.

"God fucking dammit."  Trevor's hands continued to shake as he lifted his gun and aimed at his target.

"I'm taking the one on the left, got it?" I stated.  Trevor nodded in response. "On the count of three we shoot"


 My heart pounded, my palms covered in sweat.  I had never taken a human life directly before, but I did watch Adam die right before my eye's, and didn't even lift a finger, none of us did.  It was heartless, but if I could watch a friend die right before my eye's and refuse to help them, then I could do this.  Easy.


My head turned, staring right at Marcus.  His beady eye's stared right back, and without hesitation, he nodded.  Unlike Trevor, he knew what had to be done, and out of the three of us I would say that Marcus had adapted the most thus far.  He wasn't afraid to kill, you could see it in his eye's, he was willing to fight to the bitter end, taking anyone and anything he needed to with him.  My eye's headed back to the reticle of my gun.  The time had come.


Our shots fired at the same exact time, my ears rang as the sound similar to that of an explosion filled the air.   I knew that the guns were rifles, but never in a million years had I expect them to make such an ungodly, deafly noise.  Trevor immediately dropped the gun, his hands shooting up over his ears, he too was caught off guard.  My eye's jolted back to Marcus.  His jaw dropped, his eye's wide.  Not one of us had expected it, but there was nothing we could do about it now.

Both bodies at the supermarket had fallen, both taken direct hits to the head it would appear.  I was actually impressed at us.  No remorse filled my body for those two men.  If they wouldn't have had been so foolish, then their lives could have been spared, they essentially killed themselves.  My self-confidence didn't last long though.

"We have to get the fuck out of here!"  The voice of Marcus boomed through the air, he was shouting.  "No doubt that those fucking blood thirsty bandits are on their way, and you two just attracted every fucking zombie in the surrounding area!"

He was right, we had to get to that car as soon as possible. "Head to the car!"  I shouted as I stood up from my position.  Trevor, however, did not.  He just lay there, his hands still covering his ears, his eye's wide open and blood shot.  His body shook just as much as it ever had, but nothing appeared to be getting through to him.

"C'mon Trevor!  Let's go!" I bent over and shook him, attempting to get him out of this trance, but nothing worked.  

All the while, the amount of zombies that those shots attracted were beginning to become clearer and clearer to me.  I could hear them, all around the school.  Their screeching, their moaning, the deadly force that seemed to follow them everywhere they went was filling the air around us, thick and mucky, almost like a fog.  It wasn't visible in the least, but you could always feel it touch your skin, and whenever you did, you knew it was time to get out.  As I looked down on the street I could see that it was completely covered in the beasts.  They had completely surrounded the school, slowly filing their way in through the doors on each side, they wasted no time getting here.

"Son of a bitch, Trevor!  I don't want to leave you, but you're not giving me much of a choice!"  I was yelling at the top of my lungs at this point.  There was no point in whispering it any longer, as the entire community had now been awaken to our presence.

The clock was ticking, our graves were getting deeper and deeper.  Not only was Trevor in a state of shock, but I could feel my mentality slowly slipping away from me as well.  My mind raced with idea's on the how the hell we were going to manage to get out of this deathtrap, that perhaps shooting those men wasn't the best idea.  Maybe I should have listened to Trevor, and let them go on their merry way.  My mind continued to race through the past and the present, thinking of all the other choices that I could have made, but also trying to think of a way out of this mess.

As the zombies got louder, the fog that clouded my mind got thicker.  I couldn't think of a plan to get out of this mess, I couldn't think of a way to stir Trevor from his trance, and I didn't have any clue on how to stop my mentality from slipping away.  And through it all, I couldn't come up with a plan of action.  In fact, not one useful thing seemed to enter my mind.

To Be Continued...

If you guys have any comments, questions, or concerns you can either leave a comment, or email us directly at  If you have any of your own adventures that you feel would be an awesome addition to DayZ Diaries, then email us with it and if we like it, we'll turn it into a full-on realistic story much like the one you just read!

Keep tuning in, as we will have Chapter 2 out within the next few days!

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