Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tournament part 5

Hello there, today is the last part of round one, and then begins the semi-finals. Be fire then was must see Jason Brody (Far Cry 3) face Agent 47 (Hitman:Absolution) on the hero’s side, and Saren Arterious (Mass Effect 3) faces the didact (Halo 4) on the villain’s side. One of these battles is between two stealthy hunters, and the other is between two space warriors, who will make it to the semi-finals?


     The most interesting thing about Jason Brody is that he is so relatable, besides a few slight advantages he is a normal guy from Los Angeles, very relatable. He is a good athlete, and naturally smart due to his good grades in school. His brother Grant also had military experience, and taught Jason to be a pretty good shot. His skills truly grow in his experience on the island during the events of Far Cry 3. He and his girlfriend and two brothers are convinced to go to this island where they can do “anything”. Once reaching the island they discover that it is all a slave trading scam, and the group is soon captured. As Jason and Grant escape Grant gets killed, and Jason is forced to survive the elements of the island to rescue his friends. He gains savage killing skill and becomes a ruthless monster. He becomes an expert tactical planner and hunter, both animals and people. He becomes hardened and pain does not affect him. He soon saves his friends and kills all of his enemies. In conclusion; Jason Brody is a great hunter, fighter, shot, stealth hunter, he is ruthless, and does not care for pain.

AGENT 47     
      This character definitely has a large story behind him, appearing in six games; therefore I shall try to condense his personal story as much as possible. In reality describing the hero’s skill is what matters most. Agent 47 is a medically enhanced master killer who has a huge set of skills and weapons. He can kill stealthily in public using is fiber wire, syringes, sniper, or silenced pistol. He very much excels in improvisation skills and adapts to his environment, and at times uses disguises. The primary difference between him and Jason Brody is that Jason hunts in the jungle, meanwhile agent 47 hunts in public, which is slightly more difficult. The reason why his name is agent 47 is because he has a 47th chromosome that improves his fitness and coordination. He was born in the 1960s and was raised in an asylum. He trained his whole life to use virtually any weapon, and killed a fellow agent because that agent bullied him. His personality was not pleasant, and he did not like his leaders. At the age of twenty five he escaped the asylum (however it was intended for him to escape and later work for their agency). 47 took on many jobs and many challenges against large criminal organizations throughout the events of his games.  In conclusion: he is absolutely expert in combat, has great combat and stealth skills, and can also adapt very well to any situation. Who is deadliest?


       Agent 47 was called onto an especially important mission to take down a rogue mad man on a Malaysian island who was taking down all of the local businesses. 47 did not know the nature of these business however, his employers kept that to themselves. He was disguised in very depth camouflage crawling along a cliff, using his scope he saw his target, Jason Brody, sneaking down within the jungle. As soon as he prepared for the shot Jason Brody stopped. He must have seen 47’s barrel, because that was the only thing non-camouflaged, however only an expert would see that. The target began maneuvering into the thick brush where he could not be seen.  47 showed slight disappointment and began to find another good sniping point. Twenty minutes later he was at the other side of the mountains, in sniping view of where Jason Brody supposedly staying. Strangely, but not completely unexpectedly, Jason was not there. At the same time 47 heard nearby footsteps, and he knew too well who that was. He crawled under a tree to blend in waiting for Jason to walk by; however Jason was waiting for his enemy to do the same. After ten minutes of silent waiting, Jason armed a hand grenade and threw it where he thought he last saw his enemy and the explosion went off. Jason went to see if it hit anything, when 47, who had tactically snuck behind him, went at him with the fiber wire, Jason punched 47 and just got out of the instant death. They went at it on fists, while Jason was savage 47 was truly skilled and managed to hold Jason’s arm behind his back and broke it hideously. Any normal man would be submitted or even unconscious by the pain of a bone sticking out of their elbow, and by 47’s surprise Jason got out of hold and drew his pistol, 47 saw this and also pulled his gun and shot Jason’s hand, rendering his shot hand useless.  Despite that Jason was still going, and somehow held a knife and went at 47 before getting shot in the head.

        It was really looking good for 47 once I read his detailed biography. He had spent his entire life training to become a killing machine meanwhile Jason Brody had only become what he was in his adulthood. Agent 47 advances to the semi finals to face Corvo Attano.


   This forerunner general has been in existence for far longer than mankind has existed.  He was the head of the forerunner army fighting off pre-existing humans and then the flood, however soon his ideas became so radical and ruthless that his political counterparts had betrayed him and kept him apprehended in the planet requiem along with his army of mutated humans called Prometheans.  During the events of Halo 4 the didact tricked the master chief and Cortana into releasing him, and he then dedicated his power to unleash a huge destructive machine that wipes out any organic life. The didact was eventually defeated by the master chief and Cortana. In conclusion; the didact is menacing, very powerful with his telekinetic powers, and is very strong, and almost unbeatable unless attacked by surprise.


     This villain has had a long presence in the Mass Effect series, and is one bad ass rogue spectre. He was born in the year 2196 and joined the military at fifteen. He quickly advanced in military roles and was one of the best military leaders. He got the mission done every time, despite his savage and ruthless tactics. He remains part of the council until Mass Effect 3 when he reveals his betraying acts. Throughout the game he kills several important characters and is a great stealth like fighter. In conclusion; he is ruthless and deadly. Like the didact he is a great fighter and military man, and is also a little radical. Saren appears to have the skills that can ultimately defeat the didact, using stealth, however in any other manner no matter how good Saren is the didact is superior due to his telekinetic powers.
     Saren Arterious is headed to a far planet system of rogue mercenaries who work for him, due to reports of helping calls. It seems as if they had all been captured. Meanwhile the didact is preparing to manipulate and change the soldiers to work for his will. The didact is expecting Saren due to talking to one of the controlled mercenaries; therefore his Prometheans are expecting Saren. When the foreign ship arrived and battle broke out with the prometheans, Saren was not present. Saren had taken a ship to a farther part of the planet that was not radar controlled. As the battle was commencing Saren snuck into the didact’s building from the back, and turned on his cloaking. The full armored didact was at the top of the large room of mercenaries, he was changing them under his control. Saren got to a spot as close as possible, and aimed his shotgun directly at the didact’s head. He fired and the didact flew across the room. “Almost as easy as fighting a human. Too pathetic.” Then suddenly Saren could not move, and he began levitating while his gun left his hand by force. The didact got up, and his forerunner helmet was shattered, however his head was relatively fine besides perhaps a bruise. It seemed as if the forerunner armor was amongst the most powerful in existence. “Oh very clever, and I agree; you are almost as pathetic as a human.” He then  squeezed Saren, and despite his very strong armor it almost shattered and rendered him vulnerable to any wound. He then threw Saren against a few walls and beat him until he looked nearly limp. Feeling satisfied the didact let loose of him for a bit just to see how he was doing; a crucial mistake. Saren rushed behind a pillar and turned on his cloaking once again. The didact searched around and found that the shotgun was gone. The didact use his outline visual mass sense to find the outline of the enemy, only to see him preparing for another shot. The didact merely took control of Saren once again. “You fool, I am all knowing, all seeing, all powerful, and my forerunner kingdom shall return.” He threw Saren at his mercenaries, and then demanded the merc
enaries to kill him, which they did.

          The one thing despite all that gave the didact the win was his special vision that I saw him use on Master Chief at the end of the third level. The fact that he can see anything implies that stealth can barely even harm him; the didact is pretty much an impenetrable god. Therefore he advances to face Vaas in the semi finals.

     Alright, this article is not only to end the first round, however I shall also summarize the match ups of the semi-finals. The remaining heroes are: Alex Mason (Black Ops 2) who will be facing General Shepard (Mass Effect 3), and Corvo Attano (Dishonored) shall face Agent 47 (Hitman:Absolution). On the villain’s side we have left Lord Regent (Dishonored) who shall face Haythem Kenway (Assassins Creed 3), and Vaas (Far Cry 3) who shall face the didact (Halo 4). During the semi-final match ups I won’t need to write the character Biographies because I already have them in the first rounds which one should have read already. I will just writ a comparison and speculation and then jump into the fight, and with that efficiency I plan on getting the entire semi-finals done next week, all four match ups!

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