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Best Hero and Villain of 2012 II

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Best Hero and Villain 2012

So we’re back here on the heroes versus villains’ tournament of 2012. Today Alex Mason from Black Ops and Black Ops 2 competes against David Mason from Black Ops 2 on the heroes’ side meanwhile we see if Lord Regent (Dishonored) could defeat “Handsome Jack” (Borderlands 2) on the villain’s side. The way this is going to work is that I shall do a very in depth biography on the two competitors that shall be attributes to them in comparison to the other. After that a hypothetical “battle” shall occur between the two and the winner shall move on the semi-finals. The reason why one or the other was victorious shall be very well explained, and the battles shall be epic!

Alex Mason:

Alex Mason began as a Special Forces unit for the United States Military in the mid twentieth century. During the Cold war Alex was captured during an attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro: the Cuban communist dictator. He was sent into a Russian prison subject to a mind control experiment that would have work if it was not for Reznov; a cunning and spirited Russian military leader from World War two (Call of Duty: World at War) Reznov implemented mind tricks into Alex making him believe that he was alive and with him far after he died, and he thought his actions were Reznov. Due to his past Reznov was quite ruthless, and he implemented this personality into Alex, which can be considered an attribute on the battlefield. For the next many years Alex Mason was missing in action, AWOL, and sometimes even crazy, however despite all the chaos around him Reznov kept him focused, and safe. The first game truly proved how resourceful he was, and how he could keep together any mission even if it seemed long lost. After he successfully stopped the Russian attack on the United States he began hunting a Nicaraguan drug cartel named Raul Menendez. He soon became difficult due to his determination and clever strategizing. Many times his assassination was unsuccessful, and one day Raul Menendez caused his death brutally, by making his own ally and friend assassinate him without even knowing what he did (and yes I am going with Alex Mason died because there is the alternate ending, although it makes no sense at all because why would a Special Forces soldier have that bad of a shot and what would Alex Mason be doing for THIRTY years with literally no one finding him or having no work. It is just one of those things that the publishers do to satisfy the fans.) His main traits are: a great fighter and leader, ruthless and determined to get the mission done no matter what the conditions and very experienced in comparison to David Mason, and he is very courageous. The last part was necessary to add because well, escaping an army of a prison being the only survivor and running at two helicopters and a tank only on horseback are two among numerous examples of his courage. “Let’s show them one last display of courage” –Alex Mason, “Old Wounds”, Black Ops 2.

David Mason:

David Mason began as a Special Forces unit codename “Section” during the early twenty first century. His largest opponent tactically and personally was Raul Menendez. However in this time he was much more than a drug cartel; now he was the leader of “Cordus Die”; an organization of two billion who are against Western civilization. David had a few advantages against Raul Menendez for sure including Raul Menendez is older, he is more popular so he cannot hide as much (also a disadvantage because Alex Mason did not have to face a two billion soldier rebellion), and he already knew his enemy well. Sergeant Woods-the fighter and ally of Alex Mason who shot and killed him under the deception of Menendez-was still alive. Woods told David Mason all about how they fought him and with this David Mason knew what to expect. He knew that Raul Menendez plays his enemy to do exactly what he wants them to do, and that he is very deceitful. In the end David does defeat Menendez by predicting where he is going, however Raul Menendez was still successful in his mission to a certain degree. Menendez brings hell to American cities, and destroys the entire United States drone army, now that is going to take a lot of money to repair! In conclusion: David Mason is as skilled and as great a leader as his father. I do find that David Mason is more sympathetic and emotional than his father, probably due to repressed issues with his father from a traumatized childhood. Despite having a lack of ruthlessness and less resourceful than his father he does make up with it with his technology. His main advantage over Alex will be his advance in technology with his drone and radar technology he will be able to track Alex while Alex cannot do the same. Their guns are similar, therefore no difference shall be there, but David can deploy advanced turrets and robots, however Alex has his own improvised brutal, weapons such as the mortar/bear trap, a personal favorite. So it all really goes down to David’s technology, or Alex’s resourcefulness and ruthlessness that he had adopted from Reznov.


“Section, we have eyes on the target, we’ll drop you in and keep his location on your COM. Remember, do not hesitate”. It has been three months into Alex Mason’s MIA and he has been out to assassinate several Chinese leaders under the control of Reznov once again. The Chinese have been allied with the United States ever since Menendez died. Alex Mason was found alive, however he was not the same, and when tried to be taken into custody he killed several allies, and now the order is his death. It has been decided that he is not the same soldier who has served the United States. “If there is a chance to save him I will!” “Orders are orders Section, we will not take him in anything other than a body bag.” After drop off David Mason located his father’s position at the end of the long block about half a mile in the abandoned drone base that they were in. Meanwhile Alex Mason quickly put out his cigar and looked through the scope of his Barrot to scope in on his son. “They want to kill us Mason, I told you your leaders would betray you, as mine did to me. They even turned your own son.” Blocking out the numbers that were flying through the air Alex Mason scoped in on David and prepared to shoot, when suddenly David dived behind the nearest building. “His eyes are watching us, let him come to us Alex.” David continued to close in through a small area of brush on the other side of the building when in mid step he heard: “Careful Section, he is setting up some kind of traps, they aren’t remote sow e cannot see or deactivate them.” David looked down to where he was about to step to see a bear trap with a mortar in it. “…….copy that.” David turns the corner to find his father’s back setting up another bear trap, as David went for his gun; he clenched every bone in his body, and instead silently armed an EMP grenade. Upon release on Alex David used the advantage to tackle him and grab both of his arms. “Dad! It’s me, David, what are doing stop this I know I can still save you!” “He is in the way of the mission Mason! I must kill him and then we can win, as we always do or he’ll kill me.” Alex Mason watched Reznov under David’s grasp as he released one of his hands and gouged his thumb into David’s eye. Alex and David both lunged back and released fire on one another from cover, and it was clear that the one who would run out of ammunition first would lose. This was Alex, because he only has an old fashion sub-machine gun. “It’s over dad, stop!” “He’s got us Reznov, let’s just stop and listen to him he can help us.” “I understand you Mason; I could never have killed Dimitri even if I had to. I shall do it.” Alex Mason watched as Reznov jumps from cover and runs at David and took at least five rounds before reaching him and putting a bowie knife in his chest. Several seconds later Alex Mason saw Reznov look at and feel his chest, and then fall to his knees and died. Oddly the last thing Alex Mason ever noticed was that despite staying in cover he took six shots to his body as well, and then he died at the same time Reznov did.

If one plays the original Black Ops then they shall truly understand what happened here. In the end Alex Mason could not actually bring himself to kill his son, however Reznov could, even though in a way Reznov IS him. This is because in Black Ops Alex Mason was with Reznov and saw him do various things however because he was actually dead Alex was doing these things and WAS Reznov in a way. In the end David Mason did try to kill his father and let go of emotion, however this was far too late. This was an extremely close match, resourcefulness made up for lack of technology, or more so the other way around. In the end it was personality, who had more of a hard killer instinct. This was Alex Mason, and despite dying about twenty seconds after the fight, he still succeeded in killing his son first, therefore Alex Mason wins, and moves on to the semi finals! Onto our next match up; Jack versus Lord Regent.

Lord Regent:

Also known as Hiram Burrows was once the Royal Family’s spy master. He was a control freak in a way, undermining the authority of others especially that of empress Jessamine Kaldwin. He had plotted the death of his empress for a very long time, and when he finally succeeded he had grown a corrupt system of government in his favor, and completely blamed the assassination on Corvo Attano. He is proven to have absolutely no code of morale and will do anything to anyone. The interesting thing about Burrows is that in the game he won, he succeeded in his plan. Throughout the game Corvo Attano is not trying to stop him from doing his plan, he is merely seeking revenge, justice, and punishment. This also contributes to Burrow’s personality, adding that he is such a good plotter that his crimes that he even had been contemplating for a long time succeeded completely. The only thing that failed that Corvo Attano was not imprisoned. In conclusion: he is a great plotter, a ruthless ruler, and a typical modern day politician (Ha!)

“Handsome” Jack:

This is truly one of the more interesting characters in 2012. He wears a mask covering his face due to traumatizing injuries in which the causes are unknown. In result he boasts about himself about anything really and most of all he claims he is handsome, implying the nickname. His original name was John who worked for the Hyperion Corporation and had a wife and a daughter. He used his intellect to take control of Hyperion, and become the political leader of Pandora. He even went on to take all the credit for discovering the first vault, also for taking down the destroyer completely by himself. The interesting thing is these last few things that he did were not to serve any type of higher cause at all; they were completely and utterly to serve himself and make him feel good about himself. Lord Regent and Jack both have selfish motives, however Lord Regent seemed to have his motives more centered at running the kingdom correctly, and he thought that he was the only one for the job. Jack calls himself handsome, and does these things so that people love him, while in reality he is a horrible ugly person, it is rather sad when one thinks about it, it is almost as if he does what he does because he hides who he truly is and cannot live with himself. He is kind of a horrible person; he does kill his own daughter. He is a very interesting subject and a great villain. In conclusion: Jack is a very brutal cruel person, cares only about himself and his ego, and he has an army behind him. Jack is also well known for leaving many traps and tricks for his enemies. Regent and Jack both have an army, both are ruthless, but probably more so Jack due to his past, but Lord Regent is an excellent plotter. So who would win?


An attack has been launched on the tower by the likes of Jack and his militants. Lord Regent is at the top of his tower not expecting much trouble from the arrogant Jack who has just decided that Regent’s lands should belong to Jack. “They’re here, sir.” “Just as expected. Send in the ambush.” A group of royal guards run to bombard Jack’s men from the back, when suddenly a chain of mines go off. As the main tactic of battle has fallen Lord Regent could almost see Jack laughing from his protected safety. “We’ll just have to use plan B I suppose.”Once Jack’s mercenaries entered the lobby chasing off a few guards, an ensemble of arrows had struck the militants. Many went down however the guns soon overpowered the archers. Regent seemed to have very few guards left and scattered while Jack’s troops were few but still strong. Once reaching a thin hallway the royal guards had pushed through numerous opponents because of their advantage of close range combat. In Regent’s room a few more guards had attacked Jack’s last few men however Regent was nowhere to be found. Jack looked around the room until suddenly all went black; Regent had snuck up with a club. Before Regent could confirm that he had knocked out his opponent Jack shot Regent in the stomach with a pistol that he was hiding. Regent fell to the floor and as Jack was going for the final shot his face felt cold. After touching his face, and finding his blind eye and scars he discovered that his mask had been broken. “NO!” Regent took advantage of this distraction and swept his legs out. Now Lord Regent was going for the pistol when something stopped him; the barrel of a militant’s gun was at his face. When a furious Jack to himself he snatched his allies weapon and went to shoot Regent to death when suddenly one of the injured but not dead royal guard killed the militant and tackled Jack out of a window. The two fell immediately to their deaths, and luckily when Regent first saw the pistol he dodged it quick enough to only receive a painful flesh wound. He went to heal his wounds while the enemies retreated with the news of their dead leader.

To be honest, this was actually harder than the Mason fight, and this could have gone either way. The reason why Jack did not just shoot Regent in a critical spot was because he had to shoot quickly right from the holster on his waist, and he was much disorganized because of the hit to the head and having his mask off. I actually thought of a different ending in which Jack brutally shot Regent to death at once when he took the militants gun at the end; however I looked through the facts. The soldiers of Lord Regent have some degree of armor; therefore it may take a number of more shots in order to defeat them. The soldiers on Regent’s side did have a disadvantage technologically; however they used better tactics and a home field advantage. To be honest Jack’s ensemble always seemed a bit unorganized anyway. I feel like Regent is also a far better plotter than Regent, who still has some good tactics. Therefore Lord Regent makes it to the Semi-Finals. Alex Mason and Lord Regent are our first two winners. Let’s see who wins next week, when Master Chief (Halo 4) takes on General Shepard (Mass Effect 1-3 ) from the heroes’ side, and Raul Menendez (Black Ops 2) faces Haythem Kenway (Assassins Creed 3) on the villain’s side.


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