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Hero vs Villain tournament 3

Today in the tournament we are holding the second match of round one. On the hero’s side Master Chief (Halo 4) is contending against Commander Shepard (Mass Effect 3). This is a great matchup because they are both special armored space heroes. On the villain’s side we have Haythem Kenway (Assassins Creed 3) against Raul Menendez (Black Ops 2). This may seem like a strange match up, however the reason why they are contending is because they’re both awesome characters, however fight for opposite reasons. Haythem is very cavalier and fights for order and power in his cause, meanwhile Menendez fights against large powers and despises them. They are both tactical leaders. Therefore, without further assessment, let us see Master Chief and Commander Shepard.


His real name is referred to as John, and his Spartan number is 117. John was kidnapped as a child and situated into ONI’s Spartan II program. There he grew up with physical growth advancers and injections that improved his senses, coordination, strength, and intelligence. John was done so perfectly, he even surpasses the Spartan IIIs and Spartan IVs. John was the only Spartan II to survive the fall of Reach, and with Cortana, his specialized artificial intelligence, discovered a halo (a forerunner weapon that can wipe out the galaxy) and discovered the flood. They soon destroyed that halo and the remnants of the flood there. However soon enough they discovered that there were many halos and saved the galaxy from another halo disaster. Eventually the Master Chief and Cortana had deactivated all the halos and permanently stopped the flood. As well as this they succeeded in taking down the Covenant, an alien alliance, and making peace with the Elites. Unfortunately in the final destruction the Master Chief and Cortana were abandoned in space inside the Forward Unto Dawn and then after a number of years they found Requiem, a forerunner planet. There they discovered the ancient forerunner general the didact, and his promethean army. They soon defeated him, but unfortunately (spoiler alert) Cortana died in the process. In conclusion, the master chief is extremely strong and skilled in battle. His Mjolnir armor makes him impenetrable by bullets and explosives unless shot to an excess. He would have Cortana as his advantage, because she is part in his armor, however due to recent events she will not be there. Master Chief knows nothing but war.


Commander Shepard is a human member of a highly respected. His back story varies, because Mass Effect is a role playing game. He is a member of the Spectres military force to protect against galactic threats, such as the Geth, the reapers, and Saren Arterious. Shepard’s personality is customizable by the player, therefore it would be inappropriate to assume one. By the end of Mass Effect 3 (spoiler alert but I mean really you do not know the ending yet?) Shepard takes his own life in order to save the entire galaxy. In terms of combat commander Shepard does have more advanced weapons that are upgradeable, and so is his upgraded armor. These advancements are skeptical, however keeping in mind that Shepard died saving the galaxy once (although he did do many things heroic before, this is the first major galactic threat). Master Chief on the other hand saved the galaxy four times, from the two halos and from the main control system in Halo 3, and stopped the flood, which would have probably wiped out the galaxy. In Halo 4 the Master Chief stops the didact’s ultimate weapon which also had galactic danger potential.


“Chief, you must stop him, and if he resists, take him out.” Spartan 117 has discovered that unidentified militants have tried to unlock the ancient library. In this group is Commander Shepard, which is there to recon the area. What he doesn’t know is that he is very close to unlocking another wave of the promethean army, and Shepard must be stopped, even if it must come to lethal intention. “Shepard, unidentified ship coming your way, be wary on this one.” A couple minutes later Shepard was pointed at gunpoint from behind, “unidentified being, UNSC law states that it is prohibited to enter the area with ONI clearance.” “Shepard, we have no such thing as the UNSC in our data base, we don’t know what he wants, but it seems he doesn’t want us to succeed here, if he doesn’t leave, take him out.” “Well as it is, YOU are unidentified and so is your UNSC command, I have orders from the Spectres to explore the area, and I am afraid I must ask you to leave.” “I’ll only ask you one more time, you don’t know what you’re doing, trust me.” As soon as Shepard went for his gun the Master Chief opened fire, however Shepard’s armor defended the bullets. Chief was surprised at this; his armor had not been identified as anything Spartan. Shepard’s rifle had more stopping power and faster fire, therefore the Chief’s armor had depleted sooner, making him jump to cover. Shepard knew that he had to take down his enemy while he was recovering, so he jumped across the rock he was taking cover in, only to be met by a tackle and an onslaught of punches, knees, and being thrown on the ground to quite an excess. Despite Chief’s strength and domination, Shepard’s shields were very powerful, and was still activated, but not for long. Eventually Shepard managed to use evasive maneuvers to escape the chief and quickly ran off into hiding. The Master Chief then pulled out a sniper rifle and scouted for twenty minutes in another covering spot. As soon as a body appeared a large shot came from sniper and the body fell, and most surely there was no shield that time. Once chief went to examine the body Shepard looked most definitely MIA, and once chief leaned to take his dog tags a blast threw him back across the room. Shepard dropped his concealed shotgun, and with master chief’s shield rendered he finished him off with a pistol.

The primary reason for this victory was that Shepard’s equipment is superior. I am personally a huge Halo fan and have had nothing really to do with Mass Effect however the facts are undeniable. At the end when Shepard was most definitely dead the Master Chief did not account for HP level. This is because in Halo, the Master Chief dies almost instantly once he loses shielding, very realistic. However in Mass Effect once Shepard’s shields are rendered, he still has much health to go through, a lower layer of armor if you will. The Master Chief definitely dominated in personality, physique, and skill, however sometimes advanced resources just wins it. If Master Chief still had Cortana with him, she would probably give him a huge tactical edge and that would have won it, however that is not the case, therefore Shepard moves on to face Alex Mason in the semi-finals.


Haythem Kenway, son of Edward Kenway, grey up in England serving for the templar order, however training with the full assassin influence. He carried a hidden blade, was an expert free runner, and had eagle senses. In 1854 Edward Kenway was sent to the American colonies in order to find a secret door hidden from those who came before using a special key that he had found. After arriving and being disappointed by what he had discovered, Haythem decided to stay there permanently in order to establish a templar order in North America. He apprenticed Charles Lee, and had slept with a native woman who would soon birth Connor Kenway. Once the patriots began fighting against the royalists during the American Revolution Haythem fought as a royalist leader as a cover for his templar operations. Haythem Kenway is an extremely wise man, and during his many arguments with his son Connor, he makes points about the monarch so detailed and true that one thinks “oh, so the British weren’t actually the bad guys?” In conclusion; Haythem has great combat skills, and s a great and wise leader.


This Nicaraguan drug cartel may be the most fascinating character let alone villain out of any Call of Duty game. As a child Menendez’s sister was crippled in a fire, caused by Americans, and then to survive the family had to be drug cartels. Eventually Menendez’s father was killed by American forces. Therefore he already had a bad impression on Americans. Menendez waged a large personal war against the likes of Alex Mason and sergeant Woods. Eventually Woods killed Menendez’s sister. Eventually Menendez kills Mason, Hudson, and cripples Woods for life. In the 2000s to 2020s he formulates Cordus Die, a terrorist organization against Western society of two billion members. His plans pan out through the events of Black Ops 2 and he successfully (on most endings) destroys cities and destroys the entire drone army, and (in most endings) despite him being defeated Cordus Die is still successful. In conclusion, Raul Menendez is a very tactical, manipulative, and ruthless leader who has a heart of stone.


It was the summer of 1760, and Haythem Kenway was called into Central America for an important assassination of a rebellion leader who could not be stopped; Raul Menendez. Haythem knew that he was expected at the fortress so as he and his men appeared to be trying to get through the front gates, Haythem sent Charles Lee along with traitors of Menendez to capture him. The capture was a success, and they had brought out a man with a bag over his head. One of the traitors said “If you will please finish him sir”. Therefore Haythem took his pistol out and prepared to execute his target, until he sensed something. His eagle senses did not perceive the man in the bag to be a target, but a friend and the traitors of Menendez were not friends either, and where was Charles Lee? Haythem knew exactly what was going on, but he needed to think of something or they would kill him. “A thousand pardons, I forgot my loyal pistol was jammed, I’m afraid I cannot kill him, if you would please allow me to get my blade-“ As Haythem reached into his sheath he did not pull his blade but a smoke bomb and immediately engulfed the crowd of triple crossers. He then used his eagle sense to snatch Charles lee and escape the smoke and climb up a building. He wasn’t leaving without the head of Menendez. He spotted him hiding within a bunker facing away. This was his chance. Meanwhile all war had broken lose between Menendez’s rebels and the royalists and the entire fortress was under siege. Menendez was ready for this to happen though, Haythem could see that he was preparing to spark a fuse, a fuse that lead to explosives under the entire fortress. Haythem swiftly dropped from the building and crept behind him until in range of killing. As he drew his hidden blade Menendez immediately turned around and grabbed his hand. “You wouldn’t think I am so foolish white man?” Haythem with his arms twined with Menendez’s push him down and jumped over him releasing his hands and both mean drew their swords. Both fighters were skilled, however Haythem was clearly better, he soon disarmed Menendez and apprehended him as he backed into the corner. Menendez had Haythem exactly where he wanted him, as soon as Haythem went for the killing blow Menendez dodged his hand and closed it into the chain that was on the wall, trapping him there. “Now white devil, you shall burn with the corruption of your so called “establishment”.” Menendez began the fuse to blow the fortress, and escaped by horseback. Once he was quarter mile from the fortress an explosion went off so large that his ears rang to deafness. He smirked, but before he could continue Haythem’s blade reached his throat. “But you-“ “But I am a good locksmith my dear fellow, and I have been following you since you left by horse”. “You white American people; you will ruin this world, and grow this land into a corrupt system.” “We are here to build establishment, nothing more; the only violence ever caused was by rebellious hands such as you who are too selfish to change with the world, and as old Ezio would say, requescat im pace.” He took his blade from Menendez’s throat and went off to see if his good friend Charles Lee was alright.

This may come off as a bit of a shocker, however when you think about it a certain way it does make sense. Besides the fact that with his assassin tactics Haythem is superior to Menendez, Menendez’s main tactic is deception. Unfortunately Haythem is known to be very good at seeing through deception using in this case eagle senses and his intellect. In Assassins Creed 3 he walked into the patriot headquarters for five minutes and immediately pieced together that the patriots were planning to deceive Connor and attack the Native grounds. Therefore Haythem Kenway is advancing to the semi finals to face Lord Regent. Tune in next week to see Vaas (Far Cry 3) face Blake Dexter (Hitman Absolution) and Corvo Attano (Dishonored) face Connor Kenway (Assassins Creed 3).

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