Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Semi Finals tournament!

       Good week to all of my viewers, and today we go through the semi-finals of the tournament, and this shall be much faster paced, not because I am rushing, but because we have already gone through all of the character biographies, so there shall be a depth comparison between the two competitors, and then the battle, and then the explanation of the winner. We shall see Corvo Attano (Dishonored) face agent 47 (Hitman: Absolution), Alex Mason (Black Ops 2) face Commander Shepard (Mass Effect 3), Lord Regent (Dishonored) face Haythem Kenway (Assassins Creed 3), and Vaas (Far Cry 3) face the didact (Halo 4). If you do not know about some of these characters you may read their biographies in past articles. 


     Alex Mason’s traits are superior combat ability, great improvisation and resourcefulness, and his ruthless dual personality. The small traits of Commander Shepard can vary due to its Role Playing aspect; however he has very superior armor and weapons, great leadership skills, and is a courageous hero. Shepard does dominate when it comes to equipment; however that does not necessarily stop Mason, because he defeated David Mason with inferior technology, however this shall be a much more significant difference. I have reason to believe that Alex Mason would be a somewhat better and more creative strategist, where as Shepard comes across as a more militaristic leader and not so rogue. 


      Alex Mason had, like many times in his life, no idea where he was again, and all he saw was numbers. It seemed that Reznov had led him into a much classified secret facility where he found a time machine, and the numbers told him exactly what time to jump ahead to. He was in the year 2186. Later on, a highly accommodated spectre leader Commander Shepard was near earth when he received a distress call from earth. He flew down to what looked like an abandoned facility in the middle of nowhere. “Now Mason, you must take his ship and kill him” Mason heard in his head.  Shepard continued to walk through high grass until he heard a metallic noise and a bear trap go around the armor on his leg. His armor was only harmed, he used an outline scanner to notice that there were traps like these everywhere, and it was apparent that someone wanted him dead. He drew his weapon and continued walking, until he stepped across a string, he looked up to discover many grenades falling down on him. He jumped out of the way however it was too late, and his armor was damaged near the point of useless. In a panic now he aimed everywhere until he saw an outline behind a wall, as he approached it he began firing at it. As the fire suppressed his noise Alex Mason moved closer to his position from where he actually was, on the gigantic tree above. He jumped down with a bowie knife at hand and landed on shepard, even stabbing through his armor and injuring him slightly. Unfortunately Shepard was better trained in combat, and was stronger, so he threw Mason off, and began to throw strikes and kicks beating Mason. He hit Mason over and over again bruising his face until near unconsciousness, and then shepard heard another metallic click, in which he saw that Shepard unhooked three grenades attached to his chest, and he held onto shepard with all of his might. Shepard shook and shook until he was able to draw his handgun and blasted Mason off of him with a might. He jumped away just in time, and Alex Mason was nothing left but some flesh. Commander Shepard went back into his ship and flew en route to the council.

     In some ways this was not even fair, Shepard had advantages way beyond Mason, however despite that Mason still made the battle relatively close, and him winning was a reasonable possibility in my mind. Also shepard’s combat would be significantly better due to futuristic training, health, and enhancers.  Commander Shepard advances to the hero’s finals.


      These are two similar competitors in terms of their tactics, they are both assassin like killers who use stealth tactics to defeat their enemies. Agent 47 specializes in improvising and can put almost any situation into advantage. He was a trained fighter from birth and an expert due to his extra chromosome. He is also relatively heartless. Corvo Attano uses stealth but is also an expert in combat, he also has supernatural powers which improve his mobility to a supernatural level, and he can also “force push” enemies. 


  After Corvo Attano killed Connor Kenway the mysterious entity spoke to him. “You have another opponent to face, and we must have the very best assassin that we can in order to fulfill our mission, good luck.” Corvo was then sent to a motel in the modern day world, where agent 47 was situated due to a target call by a mysterious order.  He was mounted in the parking lot with a sniper, waiting for his target that would apparently arrive in the driveway. A very fascinated Corvo Attano entered and soon formulated that his target was probably hiding. He used his supernatural heat vision and he saw that his target was in the building. He began climbing up the building and figured that the rooftop would be a superior vantage point. He saw his target below him on the roof and blasted down through the roof for a surprise attack. He lashed out his daggers however this target was more skilled than expected, he blocked his attacks, disarmed one of his hands, and even got a few good hits into Corvo’s mask. Corvo soon positioned himself parallel to the window, where he pushed agent 47 out of the window using his powers. It looked as if the target fell to his death; however once he looked over agent 47 put wire fiber around Corvo’s neck, pulled him out of the window, and strangling him and hanging him while he hung on with his other hand.  Seconds from death, Corvo found a foothold and used it to leap up with a special jump, and threw agent 47 to his death. Corvo Attano escaped that scrape with a neck scratch and a partly destroyed face mask.

      The primary reason why Corvo Attano won was because of his super natural powers and abilities, giving him an edge over agent 47. He also used close ranged weapons which held agent 47 at a disadvantage. Agent 47 was still a close match however, with his tactical skills and superior combat skills. Corvo Attano shall advance to the hero finals to face general shepard. Now it is time for the villain semi-finals.


     Lord Regent is a very notorious land ruthless leader who would backstab anyone to get what he wants. He is also a great plotter and can make complex plans, however he is not great in general combat. Haythem Kenway is an expert fighter and stealth fighter, he also is very clever. He has a clever manipulative way that makes people follow his absolute will. 


      Lord Regent has come to a special portal where he found out that Corvo Attano went to that leads to a secluded super natural location. Meanwhile Haythem Kenway was pursuing Connor Kenway to a special temple of the ones who came before. He had found a body with many flies and insects around it, and the body was wearing assassin garb. “Rescuescat in pace my son.” At this moment lord Regent was coming out of a place within the temple, seeing Haythem first he demanded “You! Have you seen Corvo Attano?” “I don’t know who your bloody Corvo Tano is, but I am not in the mood for folly, so do not embarrass yourself and leave you fool!” Lord Regent drew a crossbow and fired at Haythem, which slightly amused Haythem, and then he drew a pistol and shot Regent. Regent fell to the ground, and as Haythem neared he was surrounded by armed guards, and Regent got up looking unharmed. “Mesh plating under my clothes, now who is the fool, I have much more important things to do so let’s have this be quick.” Haythem leisurely drew out a smoke bomb and gassed everyone around. He drew out his blades and used his eagle vision to spot out and assassinate the guards. It was only Regent left once the smoke cleared with a sword, and the two began battling sword to sword. Haythem soon used his sword to twist and disarm regent’s sword, and then Regent grabbed both of his arms in attempts to subdue him. Haythem simply drew his hidden blades into Regent’s hand making him yell in pain, he fell to the ground and Haythem ended his life with a smooth stab to the neck. “My apologies stranger, if I knew beating you would be that easy I would have fought you unarmed.” Remembering the reason why he was there, and the loss of his son, he went home silently.

           This was actually not a hard battle at all, while Lord Regent has the equal intelligence and tactical 
recourse as Haythem does, he is very, very inferior in terms of agility and combat. Haythem Kenway is advancing to the villain finals.


     Vaas is ruthless, savage, and very intimidating, has pretty good combat skills and strategy. The didact is very strong, very smart and tactical, and has telekinetic powers as well as super vision. The didact is superior in almost every way; let us see if Vaas can take him.


     After the didact was defeated by the master chief he did not in fact die, for the particles of his body reformed down on earth at a random point. This point was on an island. He suddenly heard a voice “What is this, some kind of space monkey? Let’s take him and see what this thing is.” Vaas said this from up on a hill, and four of his men proceeded to walk toward the didact armed with machetes. “Come with us and we won’t cut you like a dog.” The didact was amused by this threat and instantly picked them all up and began strangling them with his telekinetic power. “Foolish humans, you are as weak and pathetic as the ones before you.” He dropped the four that died, and Vaas was now on the move. Vaas hiding amongst the trees was pulled out by the didact. “I can see all that you do with my vision; I can see your heat.” “Well how about you taste some freaky bastard.” He lit a match and dropped it, and while the small fire distracted him Vaas was just able to escape, and get his flame thrower. The entire section of the jungle lit up into flames. “This is my island, my hell, and you are going to burn as it burns. The didact began walking as his armor went on completely. “A simple raise in temperature, heavy vibration of molecules, cannot stop the forerunners.” The fire had no effect on his armor. A frustrated Vaas got out his knife, and tackled him from behind with it and proceeded to slide his knife across his throat. Before it got all the way, or even too deep, the didact grabbed his arms, and with surprising extreme strength pulled his arms away, then took Vaas’ neck with one arm and raised him in the air choking him to death. “Too bad I have to kill you, you were almost the most formidable human I have ever met, and you do not even wear green armor.” Vaas fell to the ground, and the didact snapped his neck with his powers, however he was wounded badly, and it was very close that he got out of it.

        The didact’s greatest weakness is being ambushed with extreme power, and this is the guerilla warfare style that a slaver like Vaas would use. That is why he nearly one. He lost because of so many other factors, the didact has extremely strong armor, is extremely strong, can use telekinetic powers, etc. The didact is moving to the finals of the villain’s side against Haythem Kenway.

      Next week’s article shall be the big one. Not only will the winners be found between the heroes and villains, but those champions shall also fight to see who was the greatest of 2012. In the finals General Shepard shall face Corvo Attano, and Haythem Kenway shall face the didact. See you all next week!


  1. awesome tournament where are the finals?

    1. The finals were posted this week, you may search for in the search box. I hope you enjoy the results!