Monday, April 22, 2013

Short News Update, New Legend of Zelda game, new GTA V clip.

      Alright, here is some more news from yours truly. Just a single day after my last news article that included Legend of Zelda news, a huge piece of news was revealed in a Nintendo conference of sorts. The new game was shown, despite not having a title yet. This new game is a sequel to the famous Super Nintendo game, A Link to the Past. This game features an almost identical over world to the game as well. Link in this game does not look like toon link, however is not like 3D links either, he derives from the classical art style from the Nintendo and Super Nintendo games. This game may excite some retro fans because of all the throwbacks. As presented in the demonstration, the game does an absolutely fantastic job at utilizing the three dimensions in the game. For example, Link has a new item that allows him to turn into a paper figure against a wall, sounds odd, correct? However this ability allows Link to not only navigate along walls, but Link can go up to higher ledges, navigate across floors, and barred walls, and can access rooms in more dynamic ways. This truly shows how Nintendo is taking full advantage of their new technology into game play, and watching that dynamic happen is absolutely mind blowing. It appears that the game controls will be somewhat similar to that of the toon Link DS games; however I advise that fans do not expect this to be anything like those games, not that they were necessarily bad.  The 3D makes it look completely different; it takes place in A Link to the Past’s Hyrule, and has all of the same things. We got a look at the item pouch, and there are twenty slots. From the presentation there are obviously new weapons in this adventures, however fans are still wondering how many new weapons shall there be? Also how similar will the item rooster be to A Link to the Past? The game theme presented also sounds phenomenal, or at least average for Legend of Zelda game rating. 

     That is not the only news, just the important news. Another trailer for Grand Theft Auto V was released today. Well, not exactly. Rockstar had released a video clip advertising the Kifflom cult, which is a group that had been present throughout the Grand Theft Auto series. The cult is pretty radical to say the least. This clip implies that the cult will have a much larger inclusion in the game, in contrast to the other games presenting the cult a few brief times. It also mentions that “directions” shall be released in the near future, which may imply that we shall see our city/over world map for the game soon. The Kifflom cult is in fact something close to a real cult. They have their own website, however it is pretty radical. If the reader is interested in radical cults, really crazy about this new Gran Theft Auto game, or is just really bored, then check it out here: Their beliefs include that the earth is only 174 years old, that we all come from a tree, trees talk, red heads are actually not related to humans, men are supposed to sleep with nine women a day, and sperm does not actually exist. They also capitalize “FACT” in front of each of these outrageous statements, and these are just a few.

       Also just a reminder, Injustice: Gods among Us came out last week, a fighting game by the creator or Mortal Combat. The game is about the justice league having a conflict with another universe, where a corrupted superman has created an oppressive world order. It is a great fighting game and I suggest it to any gamer.  I had already covered much of it in last week’s article, but there is also a great mini game mode and chain tournament within the game. That is all for this week, my apologies for the short length however due to it being end term for most people time is short for everyone.



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