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THE FINALS of the greatest hero or villain of 2012

  That is right; it is time for the final concluding article of this tournament. Who was the greatest hero or villain of 2012? To find this, Haythem kenway, a formidable templar leader with expert assassin skills faces the didact, an ancient forerunner general with superior telekinetic powers and a thirst for war and power. Also Commander Shepard, a heroic spectre captain, shall face Corvo Attano, a rogue assassin who was betrayed, who stood up against corruption and injustice. 


     Readers of my articles will have seen one very in depth biography of each contestant and also an assessment of their skills. With that in mind, these pre-battle descriptions shall be shorter than ever. Corvo Attano has a set of tactical gadgets and superior powers and he is a great stealth assassin. Commander Shepard is a war hero who shows courage and valor, also he has extensively superior equipment, however a major question is what is better, supernatural powers or superior technology? 


  After defeating agent 47 the super natural beings spoke to Attano; “There is one last battle to determine whether you are the true hero to defeat the world’s most dangerous villain. Prepare yourself.” Commander Shepard had just finished off Alex Mason. First this mysterious green armored soldier, and then that rogue soldier; it is almost like these attacks were some kind of larger plan or purpose. Just then he had gotten a call of security breach within his own ship. He set the ship into autopilot, armed himself, and walked through the hallways within the ship. His radar could not mark any heat spots, however something must have triggered the alarm, and along with the current events that took place, he was on his full defense. Corvo Attano was within the shaft above the roof, and activated his cloaking ability which meant nothing could determine his location. He used his vision to see through the roof and watch the commander get closer. As he was in the right position Attano pushed open the roof shaft and leaped onto the commander. Attano drew his knives into commander’s armor however it was extremely powerful, and then Commander Shepard threw Corvo Attano off of him. Before Shepard could fire at him he disarmed Shepard with his powers. Attano went for the kill and then Shepard grabbed his blade, as his gantlet was breaking apart he hit Attano a few times in the face, breaking part of his mask off, and then threw him across the room. Shepard went for his weapon however Attano leaped on him with non-human speed and continued to tear his armor with his knives. Shepard managed to draw a hand gun and shoot at Attano in the shoulder and he fell off of Shepard. Attano kicked his gun away when he gathered himself. Shepard tried to fight him however Attano blocked all of his attacks and replied with another kick, and once Shepard was exhausted Attano finished him with a blade to the throat.

     When I thought about it enough I felt compelled to give the win to Corvo. He has more creative fighting tactics and highly utilizes his superior powers and skills. Commander Shepard is also a great warrior, however he is far less resourceful, and this is most likely because he is a soldier, not an assassin which requires more tactics. The greatest hero of 2012 is Corvo Attano, surpassing all others.


         The didact is super powerful, strong, and armored, and has telekinetic abilities, however it has become clear that his only weakness is stealth; very superior stealth because he can see through objects. This is where Haythem Kenway may have his advantage; will he be able to sneak past him while others cannot? Let us see.


     The city of Boston during the year 1771 had been conquered, taken over, destroyed. However this was not by the hand of any pesky hypocritical “patriots” (from Haythem’s point of view) this was by the hand of a super natural being. The didact had awakened from his sleep early, and discovered that humanity has highly advanced from Neanderthals since his imprisonment; therefore he had to destroy them. He was in the Boston settlement in order to manipulate their minds as he did with the Prometheans, and make them his own. Haythem needed to stop this monster, which he believed to be some kind of corrupted version of the ones before. The didact was standing on top of the church tower, with the roof and bell removed. Haythem did not come alone, the redcoats began firing canons in from outside the city, hitting buildings and surprising the didact. One canon was going straight for him when he manipulated it away to the ground, and hit multiple brainwashed civilians on the ground. The didact was also not alone. Near the soldiers teleports appeared and several Prometheans came through attacking and killing most of the soldiers, any survivors ran away from the beasts. The didact muttered “Just as weak as before” when a voice replied, “Not exactly.” Haythem drove two hidden blades into him. One went into his stomach and the other went for his neck, however the didact was so tall his knife only reached up to his shoulders. The didact was surprised that any human could climb up that building so silently, meanwhile Haythem was surprised that his blades had barely phased the didact. The didact immediately forced him off and floated him over the building edge with his powers. Foolish being, do think that is all I have?” Haythem said this to the didact’s surprise, highly angering him that a human would talk down to him like that. “Say that one more time, pathetic human.” As he brought Haythem nearer, Haythem released the smoke bomb that he had been holding, brought out his gun and shot the didact in the body several times. “Your weapons are weak” said the didact as he was blind. He used his outlining heat vision and attacked Haythem. “So you have the same sight as I do.” Haythem drew his sword and lunged at the didact. The didact responded by grabbing the blade of the sword and breaking it with his hand, grabbing Haythem and throwing him ff of the building. Haythem grabbed hold of the side of the building as he fell and quickly dived his feet into a window entering and stopping his fall. The angry didact destroyed the floor he was on and floated down to the church. Haythem could see him using eagle vision from behind a wall, however his enemy also had superior vision, and therefore his hiding would not last long. He ran into the crowd of people outside blending himself within them. The didact came out and could not see his target. He announced to the brain dead standing crowed “You fool, do you truly think that you can defeat the most superior being in the galaxy, just watch what I can do. Citizens of this pathetic settlement, you have been under my trance for quite some time, kill the one who I have been fighting, you shall know who when you see him.” All of the citizens began staring at Haythem, and he tried to run out of the crowd, but it was too late. They began jumping on him and hitting, biting, he used another smoke bomb, stabbed some crazed people, however there were too many. Then suddenly he was picked up by the didact’s power. “You are a remarkable nuisance, therefore I shan’t give you a slow death with those people, however know that humanity shall die slowly and painfully.” With that the didact slammed Haythem to the ground several times and snapped his neck smoothly and discreetly.

      The didact ha such an ensemble of abilities, meanwhile so does Haythem, however with his extreme great unstoppable powers I had to give this win to the didact, it is just too bad he died very foolishly in a short action sequence because of a very crazy Cortana. Haythem is also a great villain, who also deserves great recognition; he was probably my personal favorite in terms of character. There we have it, the greatest villain of all video gaming in 2012 was the didact!


      It is not over yet, we still need to see them face off; the greatest warrior of 2012 shall be determined by having the greatest hero of 2012 face the greatest villain of 2012, Corvo Attano versus the didact. As we know, the didact’s weakness is stealth, and great powerful weapons are needed to kill him. Corvo Attano is the guy for the job, and in addition he also has super manipulative powers (much more primitive mind you). Corvo Attano can push, run and jump very fast, cloak himself, and have superior vision. This is truly the end.


   Once Corvo Attano killed Commander the voices talked to him once again. “Very good, you have passed our test; we need a true hero to fulfill our mission. First you fought a historic assassin, and then a modern one, and then a futuristic war hero, but now it has been determined, you are the hero needed to save humanity.  The world is under great risk, a very, very powerful being named the didact has threatened all of humanity forever, and only you can stop him.” Meanwhile the didact had just killed Haythem Kenway with just a few wounds. His promethean army had killed all in the city, and he was plotting future attacks and conquers. His fortress was the top of the church still, however now very much damaged and hard to scale. This was not too much of a problem for Attano, who was just sent to that place and time, for his powers gave him non-human climbing agility. Attano was in the presence of the didact, hiding away just hanging onto the ledge, however he noticed something using his superior vision; it seemed his target saw him even thought that was not possible. This thing has super natural powers like he, perhaps he had the same vision. Attano cloaked himself and moved to a different position. “Another human trying to stop me? You new humans are quite determined, and how did you make it up here to? I have you no-………… where have you gone? You just disappeared. I am sure a forerunner general does not accidentally spot something and then proceeds to talk to him. Are you human? Speak to me!” A very confused didact began ripping apart what was left of the tower platform until he was attacked by a few stabs. Corvo Attano was tearing his armor apart with his knives however the didact picked him up. “You never learn though, and your weapons are inferior.” Corvo then demonstrated his powers, and to the surprise of the didact, pushed the didact away off of the building with his own powers. The didact floated back up. “You are human; however you are not weak like they are.” Their powers met, they were trying to push one another. “You are still weaker than me.” The didact was slowly over coming Corvo attano, until with his other hand he drew his crossbow and shot the didact in his unarmored parts. This did not seriously wound him but it left him off of his powers, and Corvo ran up to him and began stabbing into the being’s neck. The didact began strangling him, and Corvo’s mask ripped off. He began to see only black, and then the didact threw him off of the building. The didact’s neck was severely cut open, and he appeared to be dying, or at least his injuries were definitely mortal for any human. Meanwhile Corvo Attano had landed on a nearby building, and was badly injured. He limped up to his feet, and climbed up the building slowly when he heard a voice in his head “Your enemy looks as if he is close to death however he will survive, you have no means to kill him, his tissue repairs extremely fast. Use what we gave you and send him back into his seal forever. Corvo came back to a nearly dead didact who was exhausted and beaten, he took out a chip which opened a portal, and pushed in the didact with his power. “Look at your injuries, you will die, and I shall live, I shall be imprisoned, but I shall live to see the day that I return and destroy humanity.” All was gone, and Corvo fell to the ground. Meanwhile all of the Prometheans had disappeared. “Do not fear, great warrior, for you have saved our new race of earth, therefore we shall reward you with our immortality, and you shall be sent back to your home, in your world.” Corvo Attano woke up in a bed, in his room in the medical wing of the castle of his home, and a very familiar face came to see him, the face of a very young little girl, who was the reason why he saved the human race.

     I apologize if that ending was too cute for any readers, I thought that was satisfying. For those of you who do not know this, that little girl is the only person Corvo Attano ever seemed to care about, and she is the child princess of the land. There we have it, the greatest warrior of all 2012 is Corvo Attano, who very much deserves that title.

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