Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Psychology of Majora's Part Four: Character Profiles - Guards, Carpenters, and The Mayor

Welcome back to the fourth installment of The Psychology of Majora's Mask!  If you don't know what these articles are about, you can find the original articles below:

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Before we get started, as always, there are a few things I would like to talk about:

These articles are purely opinionated.  While I do come to my own educated conclusions about certain things, they are by no means fact, and I would love to hear any other conclusions that you guys may have come up with!  There is a possible segment that I will write later which involves all the things that you guys, the readers, have pointed out to me!  I am only one man, and my train of thought may be entirely different than yours, so I love seeing it from different perspectives.

In these articles I will be following around the said character for the entire three days of Majora's Mask, I will be talking to them at every given chance, but no one else during this process.  That being said, I am aware of some alternative endings to certain characters, but if they are activated by talking to another person, or by talking to people in a specific order, then I will not be covering them in the "character profiles" segments.  However, I am planning on doing a later segment on all alternative endings of characters, so do not fret, they will get covered eventually!

Let's begin shall we?

Today we will be covering the following characters:

The Guards (Soldiers)

The Carpenters (Workers)

Viscen and Mutoh

The Mayor

The Guards

The guards (I commonly refer to them as soldiers) are a group of men in charge of guarding the town from danger.   They are the reason why no monsters enter the town gates, and also why no incapable person leaves.  The leader of the soldiers is a man named Viscen, all soldiers must obey his orders, and his orders only.  Viscen is currently in the mayors office arguing with Mutoh (the leader of the carpenters) that the town must be evacuated before the moon falls.

Day 1 and 2:

There are four main guards, one at each gate in each area (North, South, East, and West).On the first two days, all four guards say the same generic dialogue, the only thing that changes is the varying masks.  These are the responses we get with each:

No Mask:

"Stop right there!  Have you some errand in The Swamp/Great Bay/Stone Tower/Snowhead?  It is dangerous outside the town walls, so I cannot allow a child like you to... A sword?  My apologies, sir.  It was wrong of me to treat you like a child.  Woodfall/Great Bay/Stone Tower/Snowhead lies in this direction.  Be careful."

Deku Mask:

"Stop right there, Deku Scrub!  Do you intend to return to The Swamp/Great Bay/Stone Tower/Snowhead alone?  It is dangerous outside the town walls, so I cannot allow a child like you to leave unaccompanied."  You are not allowed to pass through here without an adult or until you are old enough to carry a weapon."

Analysis Report!
Interesting.  While Deku Link is quickly turned away and told that he cannot leave the city, normal Link is allowed to pass.  Sure, Deku Link is often considered to be much younger than normal Link, but even without a mask, Link is no older than 12 years old at this point, and in our society would without a doubt be considered a "child".  And at first the guard clearly thinks of him as one, but once he see's the sword on Links back, his attitude immediately changes, and he begins to treating him like an adult.  It would appear that in this universe people are based on their maturity by both their age, as well as their ability to carry a weapon.  Quite the opposite from our own.  In our world if a 12 year old picks up a gun without an adult supervisor around, then that child is either "reckless" or "insane".  Even though the guard here has no idea how well Link can handle a weapon, he still allows him to pass, possibly even sending the child to his death.

Goron Mask:

"Woodfall/Great Bay/Stone Tower lies this way.  Be careful."

When talking to the guard of the Goron's home (in this case it would be the Snowhead Mountain), we are greeted with a new saying from the guard.

"Returning to Snowhead, are you?  Be careful?

Zora Mask:

"Woodfall/Snowhead/Stone Tower lies this way.  Be careful."

Just as with the Goron, the Zora gets a different reply when heading to the Great Bay.

"Returning to Great Bay and its view of the ocean?  Be careful."

Attention to Detail!
This isn't so much an analysis, but more of an opinion.  Sometime this game has some amazingly small things built into it, and this is simply one of them.  The fact that the guards change what they are saying depending on what gate a certain race goes out is something that doesn't affect my gameplay experience at all, really.  I could easily have each guard say the same exact thing as the last, and wouldn't think a second thought of it.  But the fact that they decided to incorporate such a small, pointless reply into the game really shows you just how much work the developers put into this game.  They truly left no stone unturned.

Final Day (24 Hours Remain):

As described in the first installment of the Psychology of Majora's Mask, upon the dawn of Day 3, the guards are no looking into the sky, with there hands on their hearts, trembling in fear.  On the final day, each Gate Guard has something different to say, they also change dialogue depending on the masks we wear.  Upon talking to them
we get the following responses:

No Mask:

West Clock Town Gate:

"I'm not going to tell you anything bad... But even Great Bay is better than here.  Just leave town while you can."

South Clock Town Gate:

"Your timing for your trip to Woodfall is great.  You'd better leave town as quickly as you can!"

East Clock Town Gate:

"Stone Tower is in this direction.  I shall speak no ill.  Just get out of town while you are still able."

North Clock Town Gate:

"Your timing for your trip to Snowhead if great.  You'd better leave town as quickly as you can!"

Analysis Report!
Wow, if that isn't a change from what they said on day one.  While on the first day they told you to be careful with where ever you were decided to venture, today they are basically demanding that you leave Clock Town as quickly as you can.  Yet all the soldiers are being brave and doing their duty.  They are obviously afraid, they are not trying to hide the fact that they are, but they still don't run, and they continue to think about the safety of the people, which is their job after all.  While what it takes to be considered an adult may be different in this world, the amount of sacrifice that soldiers must go through for the safety of others remains the same.

Deku Mask:

All Gates:

"Hey, Deku Scrub, are you alone?  What happened to your parents?  Surely they are somewhere in town worrying about you.  Go find them and leave town together!"

Analysis Report!
Yet another act of kindness shown by the guards of the city.  Just as on Day 1 and 2, they still cannot let a child leave town, even if the moon is falling, but they are clearly worried about the little Deku Scrub.  The way that they talk to you shows this.  They are asking many questions, presumably talking  very quickly, and wanting to Deku Scrub to go out and get his parents so that they can leave happily, and together.  I'm not sure why, but something about the way the soldiers say this brings a tear to my eye.  It truly seems like they care about me.

Goron Mask:

West Clock Town Gate:

"If you're going to Great Bay, your timing is great.  you should here as quickly as you can!"

South Clock Town Gate:

"If you're going off to Woodfall your timing could not be better.  Wherever you end up going, you should do it as quickly as you can!"

East Clock Town Gate:

"You can get to Stone Tower from here.  You should leave town while you can."

North Clock Town Gate:

"Returning to Snowhead, are you?  Then you should leave as quickly as you can!"

Zora Mask:

West Clock Town Gate:

"Returning to Great Bay, are you?  If so, your timing is great.  You should leave here as quickly as you can."

South Clock Town Gate:

"If you're going off to Woodfall your timing could not be better.  Wherever you end up going, you should do it as quickly as you can!"

East Clock Town Gate:

"You can get to Stone Tower from here.  You should leave town while you can."

North Clock Town Gate:

"Returning to Snowhead, are you?  Then you should leave as quickly as you can!"

Attention to Detail!
One thing that I notice that I find very peculiar is the way that the guards talk to Goron and Zora Link, compared to normal Link.  While the guards are still very friendly with Goron and Zora Link, they don't seem to care quite as much as they do with normal Link.  In retrospect since they are all adults, they should all be talked to in the same way (and as we can see Goron/Zora are talked to very similarly), but they seem more comfortable talking to human Link.  I think the answer for this is a fairly simple one: Human Link is human. It's as easy as that.  Humans are more comfortable talking to other humans.  It's not that their necessarily afraid of Gorons or Zoras, it is obvious they still want them to be safe, but different cultures mesh differently with one another.  And I believe that the developers thought this through when putting it into the game.  It is just another small thing that they unnecessarily added to the game, but one that makes it that much more innovative.

Final Night (12 Hours Remain):

As the moon continues to get closer and closer, we see the soldiers losing themselves more and more.  On the final night, as the moons takes up the entire sky, we see the soldiers now saying these things.  We get the same responses for each mask, aside from the Deku mask, which gets the same response as the Final Day did.

All Masks (Excluding Deku):

West Clock Town Gate:

"The moon has gotten so large!  Quick!  Take refuge as far away from town as you can!"

South Clock Town Gate:

"No!  No!  I must get a hold of myself!  I must guard the gate until the captain's orders come..."

East Clock Town Gate:

"You can get to Stone Tower from here.  If there's even a small part of you that believes the moon could be falling, you should leave town immediately."

North Clock Town Gate:

"See!  Look at the moon... Leave town before the evacuation notice is made!"

Analysis Report!
The comments that the soldiers say on the final night are no doubt the most informative and intriguing out of them all.  For the first time we actually see the individual personalities of the soldiers, and how they are dealing with the acceptance of death.

The west gate soldier seems to be dealing with it by helping others.  He obviously wants to help you get out of the city, and he is practically yelling at you to leave town or else you will die.  The way he figures it, if he is going to die, then he is at least going to dying trying to save as many as he can.

The South Clock Town soldier is dealing with it by thinking about himself.  He is obviously thinking about skipping town himself.  Of course he doesn't want to die, but he's also trying his hardest to stick to the captains orders.  According to the North Gate soldier, an evacuation notice will be made, and we can only assume he is using that hope to keep his sanity in check.

The East Gate Soldier is much similar to the West Gate Soldier, and is basically telling you to leave town or else you are going to die.  He is trying to help you the best he can, without directly making the choice for you.  The West Gate Soldier is somewhat different, he appears to be making the choice for you.

The North Gate Soldier holds a similar sense of hope as the South Gate Soldier does.  He talks about waiting for the captains orders, and tells you to leave before the evacuation notice is made.  However, there seems to be a small amount of doubt in his mind.  If an evacuation notice is going to be made regardless, then why is it such a big deal that you leave now instead of wait to be forced to?

With that, we will move onto the soldiers that are arguing in the mayors office, and see how they are reacting to the moon falling.

The Carpenters (Workers)

The carpenters (I commonly refer to them as The Workers) are a group of men in charge of getting the yearly festival up and running.  They are constantly working on a structure that is located in South Clock town, and this is where they can be found throughout all three days.  Their leader is Mutoh, a hard headed man who is busy arguing with Viscen, the leader of the soldiers, about the carnival and how it needs to continue.

Since most of the the workers names are not ever said, I have come up with a very easy extremely complicated system for keeping track of them.  Try and stick with me here, I know it'll be difficult, but in the end it is no doubt the most superior way to keep track of them.  The first worker will be titled "Afro worker" the second with be "Spiked Hair worker" and the final worker will be amply named "Buzzcut worker".  Did you get all that?  Good!  Lets begin, shall we?

Day 1 (72 Hours Remain):

Afro Worker:

On the first day, Afro Worker can be found at the base of the structure that the crew is building.  He appears to be yelling at a man that is standing on the top of their structure.  When confronted, Afro Worker says:

"Hey, apprentice!  Don't just stand around lookin' at the sky all day!"

Upon talking to the "apprentice" that is standing on top of the structure we get:

"Huh?  The Moon?"

First Impressions!
While there isn't much to pick up from this one sentence, there are a few things that I can point out.  First and foremost that the Afro Worker has an accent.  Instead of "looking" he says "lookin'".  This may be a stretch, but I find that in movie and video games alike, people with accents such as this one are usually raised from a non-wealthy family, and are used to working hard to get what they need in life.  In this case it seems very fitting, as he is a worker for the city.  He will take whatever work he can get, and more than likely enjoys being a hard worker.

The second is that he appears to be in denial of the moon.  While the apprentice is in complete shock at how close the moon is, the Afro Worker ignores it altogether.  He tells the apprentice to stop looking at the "sky", when it is obvious that he apprentice is looking at the moon rather than the sky. 

Analysis Report!
While there isn't much to say about the Afro Worker currently, there is something to say about the "apprentice" he is yelling at, and the workers as a whole.  Because of the moon falling, it is easy to say that many of the townsfolk have already left town.  Because of this, the workers are obviously short on employee's.  I hinted at this in my original Psychology of Clock Town post, after reading a sign on the wall that said the workers were looking for help.  I think the fact that they have an "apprentice" (who, by the way, is not wearing the signature "blue vest" that all the carpenters seem to be wearing, shows that they are indeed short on workers, and are willing to take what they can get.  In this case, it appears to be someone who is more intrigued with how close the moon is, rather than getting work done.  This only hints more at my original hypothesis that the workers are indeed in need of work, and it is solely because the moon is falling, and many have bailed town because of it.

Spiked Hair Worker:

The worker with the spiked hair can be found lugging a wooden beam around on his shoulder, and appears to be doing the most work out of the three.  Upon talking to him we get this response:

"Tsk!  Is Brac working t'night?  I wonder if that'll get finished."

First Impressions!
Out of the three workers, Spiked Hair is the only one who appears to really be doing any work.  To add to it he seems to be concerned about the work getting done.  This makes me believe that the other workers aren't as hard-working as he would like.  He seems to be concerned that if "Brac" (Presumably one of the other two workers) doesn't work tonight, then the structure won't get finished in time.

As we can see, he too has an accent, just as the Afro Worker did, showing that he too probably came from a poor family and prides himself on working hard every day.  He is also showing that he is a bit more of a hard worker than the other two, considering that he is the only one working on the structure currently.

Buzzcut Worker:

The Buzzcut worker can be found yelling a sign that claims that the soldiers are now hiring.  When confronted, he is quoted saying:

"This poster's an eyesore!  What a sorry collection of cowards!!  Bluh-yek!  Foo!

First Impressions!
We once again find a worker who is not working.  In fact, he's not even focused on getting any work done at all.  He is too caught up in his own hatred for the soldiers to even be thinking about getting the structure finished.

This shows me that he is a very selfish person.  He may not be pleased with the way the soldiers are running the town, but to completely blow off your co-workers simply to whine and complain about them is a bit ridiculous.  And while I can't be certain of this, the fact that he ends with "Bluh-yek!  Foo!" makes it sound like he is even going as far as to spit because of his great dislike of them.  We, yet again, find another childish adult that is apart of Clock Town.

And so, for the rest of the day, and into the night the carpenters continue to go about there business.  If confronted they always say the same thing.

Day 2 (48 Hours remain):

Afro Worker:

The afro worker can now be found on the stairs just to the side of the structure they are working on.  He is now yelling at the "Spiked Hair" worker, who has taken the "apprentices" place on top of the construct.  When confronted we get this response:

"Bremor!  Don't be standin' 'round lookin' at yer feet all day!"

Analysis Report!
My opinion of the Afro Worker has changed due to this quote.  We can assume that Bremor is "Spiked Hair" worker, and is (still) the only one who appears to actually be working.  Yet the Afro Worker is yelling at him to stop "standin' 'round lookin' at [his] feet all day".

Afro Worker is the type of person who will take, but rarely give.  He is very good at letting people know that they are doing wrong, but is oblivious to his own mistakes entirely.  Like the Buzzcut Worker, he is very selfish in what he does, and is in fact, not a hard worker after all; he is lazy.  Very similar to the person in high school that you were grouped with in your science class.  You know the one.  The one who would talk and talk and talk about the work they would get done, and then every chance they had, they would push it all on you.  If their work didn't get done, you were to blame.  That is exactly the type of person Afro Worker appears to be, yelling at Bremor for doing the work that he himself is not doing. 

Spiked Hair Worker (Bremor):

Mystery solved!  Spiker Hair Workers name is in fact Bremor!  He can be found on the top of the construct, still carrying that wooden beam on his shoulder.  Upon talking to him we get this response:

"Tsk, tsk, Brac... I wonder if this'll make it?

Analysis Report!
We once again see him mumbling about this "Brac" fellow, and still worrying on whether or not the construction will be finished in time.  Bremor appears to worry a lot, but by the same token, he pays no attention to the moon, and knows that he has a job to do, and that it needs to get done regardless.  Bremor is definitely a hard worker, and one who takes pride in working hard at that!

Buzzcut Worker:

We once again see Buzzcut worker yelling at the poster with a soldier on it.  When confronted this time we get this response:

"Bwah!  I won't run!  I'm stickin' with my parents!  I'm diff'rent from you cowards!"

It almost sounds like he is second guessing himself.  I think that Buzzcut Worker is indeed afraid, and definitely knows just how close the moon is.  He continues to scream at the soldiers, calling them cowards, when in actuality he himself is the one who is the coward, and he knows that, but he is trying to convince himself that he's not, and put on a tough guy face so that others won't realize that he is a coward.  Even the fact hat he says he is "sticking with his parents" shows you just how cowardice he is.  It's almost as if he's saying "Help me Mommy".  He won't even stay because of his own accord, it wouldn't surprise me if his parents were forcing him to stay with them until they leave and/or run.

Thus ending the second day.  The workers continue to work throughout the night, and if confronted again, they give us the same exact responses as they would during the day.

Day 3 (24 Hours Remain):

Afro Worker:

Afro Worker has moved up the stairs, now standing at the very top up them, just in front of the entrance to the laundry pool.  He continues to yell at Bremor, who is still at the top of the structure.  When confronted, he says:

"I'm sorry, Bremor, but I'm going, too!"

Analysis Report!
And so it would appear that the Afro Worker is calling it quits.  He is just leaving Bremor to work all by himself, as he leaves like the coward he is.  In all actuality, Bremor could probably get more work done without having this man yelling at him all the time anyway.

Spiked Hair Worker (Bremor):

Bremor can be found on the top of the structure, still holding that wooden beam over his shoulder.  Talking to him, we get this response:

"Tsk!  I knew it... It's startin' to feel like this job'll be impossible."

Analysis Report!
I've come to the conclusion that not only is Bremor a worrier, he is also a fairly pessimistic thinker.  Now with one of his workers leaving, and the other still being as worthless as ever, he's coming to the conclusion that this job will actually be impossible to finish.  Throughout the past 3 days he has constantly been in doubt that the job will get done, never believing that he alone could get it done (a fairly reasonable thought), but now he has almost completely (but not entirely) given up hope that the construction will be finished the midnight tonight.  At any rate, he continues to work, not giving up, which continues to show us what a dedicated worker he is."

Buzzcut Worker:

I bet you'll never guess what Buzzcut worker is doing?  That's right!  He's yelling at the poster!  Again.  If we talk to him he says:

"Bwah!  I'm not gonna run!  Not me!  You got that? I'm Master Mutoh's apprentice!"

Analysis Report!
A thought has suddenly crossed my mind.  On the second day the Buzzcut Worker says that he won't run, and that he will stay with his parents.  Today he says that he won't run and that he is Master Mutoh's apprentice.  While we haven't yet talked about Mutoh in depth, I have mentioned that he is currently arguing with the soldiers about the town.  Mutoh thinks that the soldiers are all cowards, just as Buzzcut Worker does.  Is it possibly that Buzzcut Worker is actually the son of Mutoh?  There's no any underlying evidence that states it, but it is a possible outcome.

Night 3 (12 Hours Remain):

On the final night, all the workers have left town.  The only one who remains at the bottom of the (still unfinished) structure, is Mutoh himself.

Viscen and Mutoh

Viscen and Mutoh can both be found yelling at each other in the Mayors office on the first day.

Day 1 (72 Hours Remain):

Upon entering the mayors office we see a lot of bickering going on.  The soldiers are on the left side of the room yelling, the workers are on the right side, also yelling.  The Mayor sits right in the middle behind his desk looking as confused as ever.  Upon talking to anyone in the room we get this conversation:

Soldiers: "Most of the townsfolk already have taken shelter without waiting for the Mayor's orders.  The only ones left are public servants and committee members... Mr. Mayor and Carnival Committee Members, please order those who remain to evacuate!

Mayor: "Ahh... Hmm... Well..."

Workers: "You cowards!  Do you actually believe the moon will fall?  The confused townsfolk simply caused a panic by believing this ridiculous, groundless theory.  The soldiers couldn't prevent the panic, but outside the town walls is where the danger!  You want answers?  The answer is that the carnival should not be canceled!  Isn't that right, Mr. Mayor?

Mayor: "Ahh... Hmm... Well..."

Soldiers: "Are you serious, Mutoh?!?  It seems that giant chunk of rock above us hasn't caught your eye!  AT this time every year, we are overrun by tourists!  So why is the town empty?  Clearly, it's your job to ensure the carnivals operation, but that's if the people are here for it!  Don't drag the merchants and soldiers into this!

Mayor: "Mmm... Hmm..."

Workers: "If the soldiers wish to run, then run, Viscen!  We councilmen will stick to tradition.  This carnical will be a success!  I've never heard of a defense unit abandoning its town!  Madame Aroma would surely say the same thing, wouldn't she, Mayor Dotour?

Mayor: "...Let's not bring my wife into this."

Analysis Report!
Does this sound somewhat familiar to anyone else?  I don't mean to bring my political views into this, but in all honesty that's all I could while this argument was going on.  On one side we have democrats on the other republicans, in the middle is the president.  The two sides consistently argue and argue and argue, but neither are ever able to come to a consensus, leading to hours and hours of pointless arguing that doesn't get anyone anywhere.  It doesn't matter what the President seems to say, it all comes down to the two underlying parties.  In this scenario we obviously see that the two parties want very similar thing.  The soldiers want everyone to be evacuated so that they can be safe.  The workers feel that there is no safer place than inside these walls, appear to be completely oblivious to the fact that the moon is getting closer, and want to continue with tradition, just as they do every year.

Yet through it all they can't seem to come up with a good medium.  And the mayor doesn't appear to know what to do at all, he can't get time to think because every time he does he is immediately interrupted by another person, and he doesn't appear to be the one to be quick to come to a decision either.  Forget the moon, or the monsters outside, this arguing is what is going to kill everyone.

In my humble opinion, everyone should no doubt be evacuated.  Mutohs big concern are the monsters outside the town, but if the soldiers get evacuated along with the people, then they could easily fend off any monsters that come their way, and find a safe haven (Romani Ranch?) for the villages to hold up for the time being.

But of course, just as it seems to be with (just about) every adult in Majora's Mask (**Cough** And real life politics **Cough**), they act like children, instead of getting something productive done.

And so this exact same conversation continues to go on for the next 3 days, and finally ends on the final night.

Final Night (12 Hours Remain):


Upon entering the Mayors office on the final night we Viscen and the other soldier that was with him in the Mayors office, standing just outside the Mayors door.  Viscen is staring at the wall with his head down, a slouch in his stance.  The other soldier is standing behind him.  upon talking to them we get his conversation:

Soldier: "Captain Viscen!"

Captain: "... The Mayor's orders are absolute!"

Soldier: "So the gate guards are still standing by..."

Captain: "... Standing by!  Cripes!

Analysis Report!
It's sad, really.  The Mayor has ordered the soldiers to stand guard until the moon falls... The captain, being the honorable soldier that he is, is forced to listen to the mayors orders, no matter how much he disagree's with them.

I think the part that really brings a tear to my eye is that after reading this conversation, you can go and talk to the soldier in North or South clock town, and they will still give you the same response they did before (of course), about how they are waiting for the captains order to evacuate.  The only difference between the first time we talked to them, and now, is that we now know the truth... There will be no evacuation order, and they are simply holding on to false hope, and will die holding onto that hope.


As stated earlier in the article, Mutoh can be found in South Clock Town, standing at the bottom of the unfinished construct that the workers had been working on.  Upon talking to him, we get the following responses:

No Mask:

"Cowards!  All of you!  Not a one of you stayed!  My apprentice will be disgusted with all of you!  Hmph!  I'll have a fine carnival without you... If you're gonna fall, then fall already!

Deku Mask:

"Hey, Deku kid!  You waitin' for us to finish the bridge from the festival tower to the clock tower entrance up there?  Sorry!  My apprentices panicked and ran away!  This is all we get for a festival tower.  It's not quite tall enough, is it?  Sheesh!  Even if we went to the top of the festival tower, we wouldn't be able to get up to the clock tower entrance!  I apologize for all this.  I wish I could scare that moon away!"

Goron and Zora Mask:

"If you're gonna fall, then what's stoppin' ya, you monster?!"

Analysis Report!
Mutoh is a very interesting character, with a lot more depth behind him than most.  At first glance he seems extremely hard headed, and sticks to his ideals without budging for anything.  And these remain true (hence why he is still in town, yelling at the moon as it slowly moves closer), but there is a warm and gooey center to him that we had not yet seen until talking to him now.

We don't see it with Link, and we don't see it with the Goron and Zora masks on either.  I think it's safe to say that because Link is a human, and of a decent age, that Mutoh tries to act more like a man in front of him.  He yells at his apprentices that left at the signs of danger, calling them all cowards, then he even goes as far to taunt the moon.  He has a similar response for the Goron and Zora masks.  He wants to act more like an adult, around adults, and doesn't let them see how he really feels.

However, when we talk to him with the Deku Mask, he is actually more open to the infant than he has been to anyone else thus far.  First and foremost, he actually apologizes to us.  He obviously thinks that the child came all the way here just for the festival, and now that's not even going to happen.  Then, the very last thing he says, almost sounds like something a father would say to his child.

"I apologize for all this.  I wish I could scare that moon away!"

It's as if he is trying to help the Deku Scrub cope with it all, and it's really the first, and only time we see his emotions throughout it all.  It may seem like he's a bad guy, but I think that deep down Mutoh truly means well.  He just wanted to see the annual festival succeed, and be as happy a time as it had been in previous years.  Unfortunately Majora had to interfere.

Final Hours (6 Hours Remain):

Yes, that's correct, Mutoh changes his dialogue after midnight on the final night.  When confronted with any mask, Mutoh says one last thing to us, and it is this:

"If you're gonna fall, then what's stoppin' ya, you monster?!"

Analysis Report!
So what's the point?  Out of all the characters, very few actually change their dialogue after the 6 hour mark. And for Mutoh to change his sentence to this, rather than keep the ones that he had on the Final Night?  I think it's fairly obvious.  The developers wanted Mutoh to stay as stubborn and as courageous as ever.  This is, after all, the absolute final sentence that he will ever say in his life.  And even now he doesn't seem to be accepting the fact that the moon is falling.  But that is all apart of the point.

I bet that if we could talk to Mutoh right as the moon was crushing the town, it could be inches from his face, and he would stare the moon in the eyes and mutter this same exact sentence to it.  Because that's just who Mutoh is.  It's rather impressive just how well they have conveyed his character in this game.  Only once does he show even the slightest amount of affection, and it's during a Deku Scrubs final hours.  Mutoh isn't the type to give in.  I think that he knows full and well that the moon is falling, there isnt't a doubt in his mind at this point, but he's certainly not going to let anyone else know that.  Ever.  

And so they die.  Almost all of them.  The apprentices skipped town because they were afraid.  The soldiers would surely do the same if given the order, but alas, they were not.  And so they must die holding onto the false hope that maybe they won't.

Viscen dies knowing that there isn't a damn thing he can do about it, orders are orders, he feels no different from any of the other soldiers.

And Mutoh dies, going down in a blaze of stubborn glory.  Staring death in the face and telling it "NO".  But it's not enough.  His stubbornness is not his saving grace, in fact it's quite the opposite, it is the reason why he dies on this night.

The funny thing is that the entire time Mutoh calls the soldiers cowards, he mocks them, he even teaches his apprentices to mock them.  Yet in the end, he stand right next to them, his "courageous" apprentices no where in sight.  Sure, the soldiers would leave if given the chance, but the fact that they stick to orders, no matter what the circumstance, shows just what kind of character each and every one of them have. 

A part of me even wonders if Mutoh only stayed because he knew that he'd otherwise have to walk past a soldier, silently admitting defeat.

The Mayor

In all actuality, there is very little to say about the mayor that hasn't already been said.  The only time we actually see him are in two separate instances.  The first being during the 3 day argument that the soldiers and carpenters are having.  He doesn't say much.  Just looks and sounds confused.  And also says:

"... Let's not bring my wife into this."

When Mutoh basically threatens to tell Madame Aroma about the defense team possibly leaving town.  But there is one more instance where you can speak with the Mayor.

Final Night (12 Hours Remain):

On the final night, you can go into the mayors office and talk to him one-on-one.  To which you get this response with any mask:

"... I tell you... It's hard to figure which way things will go.  See, because Mutoh said he would call my wife... The carnival is... On."

Analysis Report!
This is a strange mayor.  He seem to either take a really long time to make a decision, or isn't able to make one at all.  It's somewhat sickening.  All the bickering that went on between the soldiers and carpenters over the last three days, and the final verdict was "Because Mutoh said he would call [his] wife...".

The mayor just wasted 3 days time, and basically sent the soldiers, as well as the remaining townspeople, to their deaths, all because he didn't want his wife to find out that he might let the soldiers evacuate?  It would seem that Madame Aroma is basically the one who runs this town after all, the mayor is just a lowly scapegoat.  If the mayor would have made the call for the city to evacuate, then so many would have survived, or at least tried to survive!  He's is the reason why The Bombers, mere children, were sent to their graves!

Of course, there is one thing that I have noticed that very much intrigues me about The Mayor.  We only ever see him sit in his chair, yet we can clearly see a figure that resembles that of the "Stone Mask" to be sitting atop his throne.  Is this a coincidence?  I don't believe it is!

Analysis Report!
Atop his chair is the Stone Mask, a mask that allows Link to move freely without being noticed by enemies, or people.  Through the entire 3 day long argument, the Mayor goes almost completely unnoticed, never being able to say anything before being interrupted by someone else.  This chair is either one of two things:

1.  The chair resembles the mayor himself, a person who is unable to make decisions, and goes almost completely unnoticed by the townsfolk.


2.  The chair itself is possessed by Majora, who put the mask there specifically to cause even more chaos amongst the villagers.  Without the mayor there to make decisions, then the town will surely fall to pieces even moreso than it already has.

Believe whatever one you will (or come up with your own theories), but those are the two reasonings that I can think of to having a stone mask sit on the chair of The Mayors himself.

With that, the mayor himself also perishes in the town.  Until the very final seconds of his life he sits upon that chair, worried that his wife may find out that he may have actually wanted to evacuate the city.

Alternative Ending??
(Credit goes to Vijay Challa for pointing this out to me)

That's right, folks, there's still more to this story!  While the Guards and Carpenters are spending their time pointlessly arguing about their own beliefs, there is one way to snap them out of it:

Couples Mask:
By wearing the couples mask we get this alternative ending to the arguement!  It begins by zooming in on Viscen, The Mayor, and Mutohs faces:

Viscen: "Ah!"

The Mayor: "Ah!"

Mutoh: "Ah!"

Mayor: "The couple's Mask.  What a nice reminder... So, a young couple has been married.

Mutoh: "I wonder... Did my wife flee?"

Viscen: "What!?!  What did you just say?!?"

Mayor: "Yes, yes, everyone.  We are all worried for our families.  Why don't we end this meeting?"

Viscen: "But, Mr. Mayor!"

Mayor: "This will do.  Whether you're stubborn and will stay and guard your family, or if you'd prefer to run far away and seek shelter... That is for the people to decide on their own."

Mutoh: ".......!"

The screen goes black, and when it fades back in Link stands in the middle of the  Mayor's office, Mutoh and Viscen are gone.  Just Link and The Mayor remain.

The Mayor: "Thank you for allowing me to put an end to all that pointless bickering.  Adults are all so stubborn... It is shameful.  Here is a token of my gratitude."

Link receives a piece of a heart.

The Mayor: "Well, I may be an unreliable mayor, but at least my family can depend on me.  I want to protect my wife.

The conversation ends.  Upon talking to The Mayor again, with any mask, we get this response:

"You take refuge, too."

Analysis Report!
Quite a lot has changed in this alternative ending.  The Mayor comes to his senses at the appearance of the couples mask and I can't help but still wonder about that stone mask on his chair.  It's almost as if the couples mask cancelled it out.

The couples mask, and the stone mask, are opposites.  Just think about it.  The stone mask is one that leaves you alone, forever.  No one can see you, no one will talk to you, as long as you wear that mask.  The couple mask, however, is about being together with someone forever.  It is a celebratory mask that married couples wear during their wedding.  Before, The Mayor was overlooked by everyone, he didn't seem to have an input, and frankly, didn't seem to care.  But once he see's the couples mask, he is reminded that he isn't alone, that he has his family to worry about.  In this case I feel like the couples mask is the paper, and the stone mask is the rock.  When The Mayor see's the couples mask, it covers rock, alleviating it entirely.

Analysis Report (The Mayor)!
For the first time we see an adult actually admit that they made a mistake.  The Mayor outright says that he has been an "unreliable mayor", and that "Adults are all so stubborn... It is shameful".  For the first time, I can see that the Mayor is not the man who I thought he was, and I now understand why he is the mayor of Clock Town.  This also makes me believe that the Stone Mask on his chair, is in fact Majora's doing.  The Mayor isn't the type to do nothing, but because of the curse, he couldn't do anything about it.  Only with the couples mask could the curse be lifted.

Analysis Report (Mutoh)!
For the second time thus far, we do see some actual emotion from Mutoh.  The couples mask reminds him of his wife and he wonders if she has evacuated.  The fact that Mutoh does indeed have a wife makes me wonder if Buzzcut is in fact Mutoh's son.  Buzzcut mentions that he is going to stay "with his parents" and if Mutoh has a wife then this is quite a possibility.  My assumption is that Mutoh's wife does in fact flee, and she takes his son (Buzzcut) along with her.  In the meantime, Mutoh sits beneath the unfinished clock tower and taunts the moon into coming closer.  Mutohs stubbornness knows no bounds, he refuses to leave, even with his family.  It's sad, really.

Analysis Report (Viscen)!
Viscen is an interesting one.  While he is initially surprised by the couples mask, it doesn't seem to affect him much.  The Mayor and Mutoh talk of their family, but Viscen quickly tries to argue with The Mayor once again.  To me, I think that this shows that Viscen has no family.  If he did, then surely he too would be concerned about them, but he never mentions anything related to them at all.  To him, the couples mask doesn't mean much.

So what happens with Viscen and Mutoh after they leave the mayors office?  Nothing, unfortunately.  You can find Viscen just outside the door as you could on the final night.  He didn't get the orders to evacuate the city, so he must stay and guard it, as that is his job, and it obviously means more to him than anything.

Mutoh is gone from existence until the Final Night, in which we once again find him yelling at the moon, being as stubborn as ever.

So what do all the characters have in common?

At the bottom of it, everyone that we talked about in this article just wanted the town to be happy.

The soldiers just wanted the townspeople to be safe, they didn't want to see everyone get crushed by the moon that was moving closer every day.  Sure, they feared for their own lifes as well, but they mainly just wanted the people of the town to survive.

The workers just wanted to have a joyful carnival, just as they did every year.  The carnival is one of the few times that the town can get together and have a good time, throw away their worries, and party all night.  They did work on the tower, they tried their best (some more than others) to get it done, but were simply unable to do so because their fear got the best of them.

The mayor himself I feel even wanted to help the town.  I think that at his heart he truly wanted the town to be evacuated, but he got caught up in his own pointless personal problems and ended up making the wrong call simply because he didn't want his wife to find out he wanted it the other way around.

In the end, everyone just wanted to be happy.  Majora is interfering with all of their lives, feeding off the chaos that is being caused, all because the moon is falling.  Some accept it and die, others refuse to accept it, and die anyway, and some accept it, run away, and survive to fight for another day.  What it really comes down to is how each and every person in this town reacts to the underlying problem.  Every one of these characters wish that everything could just be hunky dory, and that they could have a good time, the only difference is that they all have different idea's on how to get that done.  And, unfortunately for everyone, no one can seem to agree on a single way to get that done... And many die because of it.

Message from the editor:

I'll keep this quick, but I would just like to let all my fans, and anyone who has actually taken the time to read this (as well as any of my other posts), that I thank you.  I know it has been a few long months since my last article, but you guys stuck with me every step of the way.  Your comments, your theories and idea's, and your commitment to, not only me, but also our site, makes me never want to stop writing.

Going into this project I didn't realize just how time consuming it would be.  On average I usually spend 16-20 of writing, refining, and of course, wandering Clock Town aimlessly searching for new thought processes to help make keep my articles as interesting as I can.  I try to think outside the box as much as possible, in hopes that it will not only open up new idea's and ways of thinking for myself, but also for you guys, and I look forward to seeing you guys in the future as well.

I've had a rough few months, but now I'm am getting back on the saddle, and I do plan on finishing this series of articles.  Thanks for sticking with me.  It means more than you could ever know.


Wade Westfall


  1. I'm curious as to why you didn't resolve the issue in the Mayor's office with the Couple's Mask. If I recall correctly it essentially makes the Mayor take charge of the situation and encourage anyone who wants to leave to do so.

    1. Is that so? Since it was an argument between multiple people I never actually thought to talk with them with multiple masks. I will definitely be testing this (and more than likely editing the article). Thank you much for this information!

    2. Article has been edited with the updated information! And of course, I have given credit where credit is due. Thanks again for pointing this out to me! It was a very cool alternative ending!

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    This just shows how great of a game Majora's Mask really is. I can't believe how every minor character in the game has really some kind of personality. For me the soldiers and workers were just random people I talked to once and then forgot about them. It is stunning to see how much detail is put into those people.
    Keep up your work, it is a joy to read your articles.

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  4. I was thinking that the 'stone mask' above the mayor's chair looks more like the moon.

    It could be a representation of the 'normal' moon (before Majora's corruption, what it used to look like before becoming all scary). The people of the town really like the moon, evidenced by the Bomb Shop Goron's plans to visit the thing. This theory is further supported by the moon on the mayor's chair. Why put the moon there if you detest it?

    So I think that Majora is really slamming the town by corruption their Happy Moon, the one that everyone loves, and turning it into the stuff of nightmares.

    It just goes to show how twisted Majora is.

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    1. Hey Daniel! I'm so glad that you love this series, even well enough to comment here nearly a year and a half after I posted it.

      I do not wish to give out false hope, but I will say this. I LOVED doing these articles. They were a ton of work, but they were so much fun, and I learned so much about Majora's Mask that I never could have imagined.

      My life got hectic and things got a bit tough and unfortunately I just didn't have the hours to dedicate to this series. I still feel bad about it to this day, I had nothing but positive feedback on these articles and I feel like I have let a lot of my fans down by stopping them. That being said, you have all also been INCREDIBLY understanding.

      I am currently going to school, am involved in multiple groups around campus, have a job, and have even started up a YouTube channel that is doing quite well Unfortunately this leaves me with little free time to be studying this game to the degree that I had 2 year ago.

      However, as I said earlier, I truly did love doing these articles. And I am definitely not opposed to, at the very least, finishing up the people of Clock Town at some point in the future. I plan on graduating college within the next 2 years, and who know, maybe if my YouTube takes off and I'm able to live off that I will see myself with more free time in the future and will be able to continue these articles! I would love to give you guys some closure.

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      Thanks so much for being such a long-time fan, and I really hope the day comes that I can say I have started these up again.

    2. Thank you for replying to me, and thanks for the update! It's totally understandable that you aren't able to continue due to your schedule. And don't go overbooking yourself on our account, cause that'll only suck the fun out of what is otherwise an incredibly enjoyable series. I do hope that in the near or not-so-near future you'll return to this, but in the meantime, get things done and enjoy your life. Once again, thank you for this series, and for any contributions you'll make to this in the future. And also thanks for being a really cool dude.

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