Monday, July 22, 2013

More July news, Deadpool and Mega Man 2 review, and Star Wars Battlefront 3 in production!!!

              Hello readers, there isn’t that much new stuff in gaming this week, therefore this is going to be a rather short article. Firstly the game Deadpool came out earlier this month, and I am going to summarize many of the reviews on the game and what it like, though chances are if you’re a Deadpool fan, you already have the game, and if you are not a fan you wouldn’t care to get the game no matter how good it was. I was also curious this week about what Mega Man was like, due to all of the hype about the character’s appearance in Super Smash Bros 4. Shamefully, I have never played a Mega Man game, so on Thursday; I played what is debatably the greatest game in the series: Mega Man 2. Later in the article I shall write my review on Mega Man 2 and why it is one of the Nintendo system’s greatest games ever, and why the series lies among gods such as Sonic and Super Mario. Then I can talk about some highly spread news that has been going around about a really famous Star Wars franchise that hasn’t had a new title in many years, I’ll give you a hint, think of the one Star wars shooter saga from the Play Station 2/original Xbox generation that was among the greatest shooters ever in its time.
                   Just as I wrote earlier, fans of Deadpool will love this game; people who are not fans of Deadpool won’t really care about the game indifferently. The game has a lot of interaction and crossover with other Marvel super humans, mostly the X-men. For those of you who don’t know Deadpool is a mercenary soldier who had experiments done to him that gave him healing abilities even surpassing that of Wolverine’s! He also has superior coordination strength and skill. Unfortunately these experiments completely disfigured his body and made him go insane, for in the game you can literally see and hear the different voices in his head, this makes him a very wacky and entertaining character, still being very dangerous and intimidating at the same time. The game has a fun fighting system with shooting and sword fighting slicing people apart, and pretty good boss fights, a fun time for anyone. As for plot Deadpool has the basic Marvel story which is completely carried by Deadpool being wacky and silly and reacting to global crises in this way, also the plot is carried by how all of the other serious characters, mostly Wolverine, react to Deadpool’s wacky silly manner. The comedy that Deadpool uses is immature silly stuff that does get the player laughing sometimes, and even if something isn’t funny the game is so fast paced that one doesn’t really have time to reflect on a bad joke. Concluding from what I have researched, Deadpool is a pretty good game that can entertain someone for a few lonely weeks in the summer, however after that it shall probably be forgotten at the back of the video game drawer forever only to be brought out to play once or twice more, just like pretty much every single superhero game.
            I was surprised when I beat most of Mega Man 2 in one night within two hours, then again it comes from the same console that had the original Legend of Zelda which if you know that game like the back of one’s hand can take three hours to beat as well. Does that mean these games are bad and lazily made? Not really. First huge thing I found was that the soundtrack was awesome, they could have easily had one theme play for every level, and however there was a unique energizing song for every stage. The game play was interesting, one could play any level they wanted, and switch between ammunition types that are unlocked by defeating bosses. While these different types of guns were really cool and felt rewarding to receive at the end of each level, most of them were actually not very useful and not as good as the default gun anyway. It also has the perfect difficulty level, what I like to call Super Mario difficulty. It is hard and frustrating, but it always has you hooked on trying again and again until you beat the stage, as what all games should be like. Even when I got so frustrated I stopped playing, I picked the game up again a few hours later wanting to play it. The game play is exciting too, with all types of enemies and diverse levels and structures to play in. Each boss was also fun to fight. I have concluded that if all of the other Mega Man games are just as good or better than this timeless experience, then there is no doubt that Mega Man is a true classic that walks beside Sonic or Super Mario .
                      Yep, BattleFront 3 is being made. I can say that Star Wars: Battle Front 2 is one of my favorite games of all time. To summarize this part to any of those who are unclear on what Star Wars: Battlefront is allow me to tell you a story, there were two of these games made during the original Xbox/Play Station 2 era. They were among the greatest Star Wars games of all time, even claimed the best selling shooters of their time. Those games were awesome, they never got someone bored, I even still play Battlefront 2 today once and a while with my friends, it is seriously that good, with classes, combat, jedi/clone fighting, story, the soundtrack, the maps, the galactic conquests, it was amazing. They were producing a third Battlfront game for the current generation of gaming systems when the Xbox 369 and Play Station 3 came out, and everyone was super excited to see their favorite game come back, it might saved the gaming world and drag ignorance away from Call of Duty fans and show what REAL shooter games should be like. Then one day, the Lucas Arts announced that they canceled the production of that game because they had ideas for a new game that they thought would be awesome, Haze. Well, as it turned out Haze was a terrible game and got a failure in the sales, and they never continued the production of Battlefront 3. And for the last six years, people hoped and pleaded and prayed for this wonderful game to be made, but it never was. Six long years gamers waited, having to put up with shooters like Call of Duty instead of the greats from the past. Star Wars Battlefront was only a legend, whispered on occasion and played when old systems were brought out, almost all hope was lost if we would ever see it return. Last year though, something huge occurred in the world of pop culture, many thought it was a curse, but for Star Wars: Battlefront fans, it was a blessing. George Lucas sold everything he had on Star Wars to the Disney Corporation for fifteen billion dollars, this included the video game companies. Now of course the main thesis in THAT story is about how they are making a terrible new trilogy of Star Wars Disney style starring no other than the Zach and Cody Disney sitcom twins, YUCK! However what was going to happen to the gaming companies? Disney decided to have other big gaming companies such as EA come in and start producing where they left off, eventually this lead to Battlefront, and now they are finding the right large scale companies (probably EA) to begin production on Star Wars: Battlefront 3.They are beginning production on the game for next generation. That is right, what Star Wars video game, or even just video game fans have been waiting for all these years,  screw Mega Man and Super Smash Bros. 4 because they are making Star Wars Battlefront 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

                  That is all for this week. Tune in every Tuesday for your update of what’s new in the video game world (I make these on Mondays, but it gets really late). Brock Out!

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  1. In Mega Man the different guns are more effective against different bosses.