Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My top 13 Legend of Zelda Games part II

      Hello readers, tonight we continue with my top thirteen Legend of Zelda games list, continuing from number six. I have got to say, this is a nerve wrecking time, so many of these Zelda games are so perfect that it is painful to raise some above others. If your opinions differ from mine it would be interesting to hear other people’s points, so please comment. Without further digression let us continue.


       I know what you’re thinking, “really Brock, this high up the list?” This game is perfect in many ways, and many people especially those who really appreciate the old classic Zelda games would even put this as number one. This game has brilliant game play; the combat is challenging and superb, while Link has an ensemble of interesting weapons. Each dungeon is a mind boggling treat, both confusing and extremely difficult though so rewarding in the end. I’ll say it, this game is hard, really hard. Once the player passes the Moldera boss battle it pretty much gets increasingly difficult from that point, even near Zelda II Death Mountain difficult sometimes. Though for some reason I didn’t really mind that. I welcomed the challenges and the extremely long difficult dungeons kept the player on edge and excited. The bosses were really fun to fight, and the enemies were even freaky at some points. For being the third Zelda game ever made this game has an amazing soundtrack, having some of the most influential and favored themes in all of the series (dark world, lost woods, Hyrule castle)  congratulations SNES sound managers. The over world is filled with secrets and many tough enemies as well, which makes that aspect of the game fun and intriguing as well. When I think of flaws in this game what comes to mind is story, I think at first that the story was bland and too basic, however then I think again. When detailed into context the game actually has a pretty good story, not great or amazing or heart filling or emotionally destroying, but the plot has a theme of darkness and suspense. Link is woken up and sent to a mysterious castle where his uncle is found dying with his last breaths, the you discover the entire land was covertly taken over because of the guards and for the only time in the history of the series Link is actually an outcast chased by the law (possessed law).  Then you enter this dark world that is to say, disturbing and freaky even for pixels, and admittedly the next eight dungeons does lack plot, then after that it is basic game ending and a very cheerful satisfying epilogue. Still, the introduction was very dramatic and dark and got the player to care and attach to the objective without the plot getting too in the way.  Why is this game so high up the list? I am just going to say it, every Zelda game from this point on is perfect, completely perfect, and the little issues with it are tiny redundant problems. That is why this is hard, the only way to make this list is to decide which of these perfect games are more perfect than the others.  As I understand this game was very young in the Zelda series and still developing, and one huge aspect that this game was missing was side quests. Yes, there were secret caves and pieces of hearts, but no character attaching interactions, no trading sequences, no seashells, no goddess treasure chests, no bug catching, no poes, no skulutullas, and  no upgrades (besides sword).  This aspect is great for the game because it gives it more game play and more to the experience to do things to help characters or yourself while progressing through the story. Also while it had a great interesting involvement in the game the plot did lack a lot of character interaction, the two single dramatic moments were when the uncle “died” and when the old man died, and the villains were not very interesting, they were just there. Standing by what I said, this game is still perfect to me and had beautiful game play and tough over world and dungeons and awesome 
bosses and a great soundtrack.


  Yes, I know, many of you are most likely furious right now about this decision, how can this game possibly be lower than A Link to the Past on the list? This was a hard one for me too. Many people say that this was one of the worst Zelda games ever made, and was a disappointment, having said that before I decided to go along with that trend I thought “What specifically was wrong with it?” Well actually nothing really. It was a great game, with a great sound track, great game play with its enemy inclination. I really loved the dungeons, because unlike other games each dungeon in this game has its own general theme or objective and added spice to the typical (but still fun) search for weapon then boss key then fight boss formula (find all the monkeys, find all the elders, make all of the water flow, find all of the poes, bring the statue back, find each possible key location, birds, and getting the sols). IT had some of the best dungeons in all of my experience. This game also has another thing that A Link to the Past: strategy and puzzles. This game had some great mind troubling puzzles; the ALTTP dungeons were just huge ensembles of really difficult but fun fighting, which was still really fun just not as diverse. The character interaction is amazing, because Midna (one of my favorite characters in all Zelda games) has a really deep back story and relationship (friend) with Link plus she is really humorous. Zant, the pretty much main villain also has a back story with Midna making the objective and fight more personal. Unfortunately Zelda was pretty bland, and Link’s love interest pretty much disappears for the majority of the middle of the game only being around  at the beginning and at the end, I even forget of her existence until I saw her near the end. Some parts of this game are just awesome, the great moblin fights (how he stole the child, and how you fought him on the bridge, then how he was at the ending) Zant is really freaky and intimidating and frightening, until you finally see his hideous mask come off, then he turns out to be a wimpy high pitched screaming angry politician. This was pretty interesting as a plot twist. The abandon village fights. It had an amazing over world (my favorite on land/ horse over world) with so many side quests to do. All in all, amazing dungeons, great sound track, awesome game play, plot not terrible but not as good as other ones, and Midna is awesome. Oh and if this didn’t sell why this is better than number six on the list then three words: Cave of Ordeals. It is not nearly as good as Wind Waker’s though still fun and challenging.


           Possibly one of the most debated games in all of the series. This game was only meant to be an add-on of Ocarina of Time since its success, until the developers got consumed by the amazing concept of this idea and went with it. Many people said this was the very best Zelda game ever made, others say it might be one of the worst, others think it is pretty good in the middle of that. I think this deserves number four on my list, which is amazing for a game with only literally four dungeons. Out of everything, ocean Zelda games, Sky Zelda games, DS Zelda games, this is the most unique, interesting, and talked about game for writers, as you can tell by our very own series on this site based on examining Majora’s Mask. The sound track is okay; pretty identical to this game’s Nintendo 64 predecessor, with a number of unique themes here and there that illustrate this dark game. For having only four dungeons this game is about as long as a normal Legend of Zelda game, just because there is so much character interaction and plot and general things to do. The concept of the moon falling is amazing. That feeling one has that their entire game is timed on the impending death of everyone. Majora is truly evil. You can literally see how the problems in the big picture affect every single citizen with their individual problems and life issues. Some of these characters have tragic heart breaking stories, evil is done everywhere. Even Link was turned into a hideous deku scrub (not to be fictionally racist though I find many deku scrubs to be gross). People are sad everywhere and that adds to the fact that everyone is about to die. If you are interested in seeing all individual tragedies why not check out “psychology of Majora’s Mask” article. Luckily you can not only save Termina but you can side quest and solve individual people’s problems, earning masks, pieces of hearts, and filling in your bombers notebook. Each area in the game is unique and also has the same haunting environment of the last, which makes it even more rewarding when you complete dungeons and quests, you can see the joy light up on everyone’s faces and feel that you are making a  difference. The bosses were okay, though each dungeon was unique and had its own theme they were really cool (changing the floor elevator, changing water current, making the world upside down). The combat and game play was pretty much as good as ocarina of Time, however the plot and story intercepted into game play so well making you actually have motive to complete the objectives.  The final boss for this game is my second favorite final boss fight. This game also has more side quests than any other game, making it so full and amazing to just keep playing not concerned for plot progression. You finally see the monster evolve of what could have truly done so much evil to so many lives before death, and he is a really hard boss if you are not prepared! Having said that this game has one major flaw, and it is extremely annoying, I mean, almost Phantom Hourglass Great sea temple annoying! Why in the triforce’s aura can I not save it whenever I want!!!!!!! In order to save it you either have to start much progress over again, or save it on a statue. “What’s the problem, Brock, why not save on a statue?” I live in a developing country with bad electricity, and guess what, if one spontaneously turns off the console without quitting even though you had saved it from an owl,  (in fact you don’t even need bad electricity, just do it by accident) it will automatically start you from day one, without any progress since you last quit.  I literally lost TWO dungeons worth of game play because of this!!!!!!!!!!!!  Talk about Phantom Hourglass great sea temple annoying!!!! This game is perfect in every aspect, music, plot, concept, dungeons, side quests, but it would have passed to third place if I could have forgiven that one major flaw, but because of the events that took place, I cannot forgive it.


 Did anyone really expect this game not to be at the bottom? While most people say this is their number one Zelda game, there is no doubt that this game is one of video gaming’s greatest games of all time. Truly, compared to many modern games, say Bioshock,Half-Life, Far Cry 3, this game doesn’t seem like it is one of the greatest video games of all time, though it really is. As I might add for those of you who disagree Guiness Book of World Records 2009: Gamers’ Edition had put this game as the fifth best game of all time, just losing to tetris, Grand theft Auto IV, and Mario Kart 64. This game was part of a new generation of video gaming, one of the first three dimensional games ever. Before this all Legend of Zelda was, all any video game was, was just pixels. This was already a huge deal to see what a game could be like in three dimensions. It was amazing, every moment, the combat, the characters, the plot, the drama, the sound track, it showed what all games should truly be. It shined a bright light on the future of interactive entertainment and truly marked the history of video gaming achievement. This game has a great combat and fighting system, has great weapons. The over world is filled with secrets that make you want to explore. There are a number of side quests to complete. The characters such as Navi, Zelda, and Saria become attached to the player. The sound track is great, unbelievable for its time.  This was also Ganondorf’s first appearance as a man, not a beast. Before this Ganon was just an evil king who wanted to rule the world, with this it shows his past and background and gives him depth in character. When you finally do meet Ganon at the end as a monster it is a shocking experience to see this monster form from just pixels in the past! The concept of time travel forever changed how continuity was though in gaming series. Also this game gives spiritual explanation to much of the plot and is very interesting. The bosses were really fun, and so were the dungeons. Really there is no problem with this game, I really cannot criticize it at all, though if I must, and though you see Link grow up as a person throughout the game he doesn’t have much personality, being indifferent seemingly to everything. While we see other characters with emotion I do understand how it is difficult to give a voiceless character a personality.  This game is everything someone can ask for in a video game being personally my third favorite Zelda game, having said that the two Zelda games above this one are everything and MORE if that is believable.
  I really do not need to explain my decision, plus there is pretty much nothing wrong with this game so I cannot criticize it, though I have to fill this out with something so I’ll review why it is awesome. The game play and sword combat in this game is amazing and the best and most fun, only on other game has become equal to this combat level (number one). The dungeons in this game are really fun, and the bosses are really fun as well. Dark nuts and Moblins are really fun to fight. I also liked the brief stealth periods. The sound track was great. The weapons in this game were also really fun. This game had an amazing sound track. As many aware Nintendo fans know, the Game cube generation was a rather disappointing on for Nintendo, but this is my one argument, whenever someone says “The game cube era completely sucked” I say “Not completely, Wind Waker.” If they say “Those graphics were crap” Then I punch them in the face because they are the call of Duty fans that are killing off this generation of gaming and making it out to be stupid children. A game is not to be determined its value on art style! Time for the obvious things: the plot was (until December 2011) my favorite Zelda plot of all time. This game actually connects events in other games that we remember very well and love (Ocarina of Time) and makes it relevant to the characters in the game. Ganondorf has way more personality and hate, saying Link just like he was the “Hero of Time”.  His monster is very ferocious in this game despite the cell shading. Tetra is another one of my favorite characters and possibly my favorite Zelda. She has attitude, and for a while is a criminal with no morals, until she has to face the bigger meaning of things. There is actually a very good motive for Link to be a hero in this game, because his sister was stolen, making it very personal. Also we meet the king of Hyrule who is a badass, and actually successfully obtains the triforce, and he dies with Hyrule at the end. The ending of this game has the perfect combination of epic, tragedy, saving the world, sacrifice, and cheerfulness eventually to end a perfect plot. On top of that I have failed to mention you are in a giant see that you can completely explore with a new island on every block. The side quests are also very nice; though the game is so big and the exploration is so huge one doesn’t really need them. Also, Cave of ordeals. That is one of the most epic teeth grinding intense exciting things I have ever found in any Zelda game. This is a perfectly executed game and is in my opinion the second best Zelda game ever. If you have failed in your deductive skills to know what is number one than you should be ashamed.

       This is full proof that after 25 years, Nintendo still has it. The game play and combat is amazing and progressive over the game. The sword play is awesome, if you do not let a few mistakes annoy you and wine like a child like most critics do. The sound track is orchestrated so it is amazing. You fly on a bird and you can literally do the “iron man head first dive” while falling. The bosses are epics. The dungeons are great. I need to remind you again, YOU CAN FLY, and you can explore the surface and do many mini games. There are also tons of little things to do, such as finding goddess treasure chests, bugs, and treasure. Treasure is very relevant in this game because you can either sell it or use it to upgrade. Upgrading items is awesome. There are also so many side quests to do for gratitude crystals, these side quests make you know the citizens of Sky loft better. The story is epic, tragic dramatic, romantic, and many other “antic” suffixes. Zelda is actually a character you really care about in the game, and you even attach to Link after seeing what he goes through. He goes through some really dramatic stuff but instead of giving up he just keeps doing what he must. There were a number of times where I would have just said “screw it I’m out!” and gave up. Groose is hilarious, and a very redeeming character which you eventually attach to. Giraham is also a good villain, just his complexion, the way he acts and speaks, and he is just evil. Sheik is also a good character that we attach to at the end. If I had to say one weak point in this entire game, it might be Fi. Fi kind of just talks to you and says literally what you just heard or saw again thinking you’re an idiot who needs to be reminded. I admit, the player does attach to her a little bit at the end when she leaves and has the sensitive moment, kind of like how Navi leaves at the end of Ocarina of Time. With all these perfections, great plot, great game play. I can say that in my opinion, this is the best Zelda game of all time.
 I want to read your opinions about this in the comments; we’ll see you next week to get your dose of video game news!


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  2. Interesting reading, man. I disagree with your ranking, but you have good points. Anyway, you should do a review of every single game with more details. It would be a interesting reading too.

  3. My apologies commenter "gondorf", that typo was corrected, as for doing reviews on the games, that actually sounds like a really good idea for articles, however we are already working on a Legend of Zelda article series, and while we love that franchise in particular, this is a website about all video games not just one franchise, so I will run it through the head of this blog and see if I can do this, probably yes, because we write what the fans want us to write.

  4. C'mon dude I do not agree on your list at all, boy I think you can do much better :(

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