Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer news, Super Smash Bros. 4, Halo 5, Batman Arkham Origins, Call of Duty: Ghosts

       Hello there readers, today I am going to update everyone on what is new with video games this summer. Today we are going to look at what Call of Duty: Ghosts looks like, everything that is new on Batman, Arkham Origins, What is new with the production of Halo 5, and news from the next Super Smash Bros. game.
    A regular reader of TheWhyButton will know that the authors of this blog are not necessarily fans of Call of Duty, at all. The franchise itself has actually a great online system, considerably one of the greatest online multiplayer modes of all time; however the franchise is also cursed with NEVER CHANGING ANYTHING. The Call of Duty online multiplayer has been virtually the exact same experience since the original Modern Warfare game, over five years ago! That, and also the series has known to have the worst fans of all time, delinquents that haven’t even reached puberty yet screaming and whining and being obnoxious. Most of the Campaigns are terrible as well, besides World at War and admittedly Black Ops II. The writers clearly do not understand how to convey emotion or spark interest in a plot. The other modes such as zombies or survival or special ops are pretty fun, for a few weeks, usually the same length of time a conscious gamer is interested in one of these games playing the only NEW modes. Having said my little derogatory rant, I have not lost hope in the franchise, believe it or not, Black Ops II was not a terrible game, it was actually pretty good compared to the monstrosities before it. It had nothing new, it just improved every aspect to make each mode fun again, and the game had a great campaign and story. That is why I actually have positive feelings about this new game Call of Duty: Ghosts. This game is made by InfinityWard, the creators of the Modern Warfare part of the franchise ever since the series’ big divorce between them and Treyarch. Ghosts takes place in a completely different time from its predecessors, with a brand new story that is completely original, see, it already sounds better. The not yet named protagonist is living in a post apocalyptic world; the apocalypse was warfare induced mass disaster that left destroyed cities and civilizations with only corrupt tyrannical leaders governing all. The protagonist and his brother fight against them as rebels with their dog named Riley, which one can actually control in the game, which is awesome. After a while the protagonist joins rebel military group called: Ghosts. Shown in the game demo the graphics are amazing and stellar, just as pretty much all graphics are these days. The environment is elaborate and diverse, not just the usual brown and gray shades in most of these modern first person shooters. The maps are also more diverse than usual, with large wide open parts, and small confined parts, and stealth parts, not too new, though they put new twists to it. The gun and combat system is identical to any other game, which I suppose goes with the term “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Apparently the sound system has been hugely worked on by people from Hollywood, and the sounds shall be very realistic and diverse. In fact, bullets shall make different noises on impact, whether they hit wood, stone, or metal, those specific different noises. There is also a scuba under water part, this is not new, however in this point, the under water level was restructured to have combat just like one would have land, it looks very interesting. Let me say again: YOU CAN CONTROL A DOG! It has a camera on its back, which one looks through, and one has a set of vocal commands and vibrations to control the dog, either make it hide or attack, which is actually a real thing that Navy Seals do and playing as a dog is awesome. That is all we know right now about it really, though it sounds really cool and I suggest the enthusiastic gamer should keep an eye on the game. This game should be released fall/winter this year.
       Batman: Arkham Origins. This game takes place on Christmas Eve two years after Batman began his justice pursuing endeavor. This younger batman is not voiced by Kevin Conroy who is the animated series’ batman voice, and the voice of batman in the other Arkham games. This voice is done by the voice actor who did sonic, Ezio Auditorre, and Chris Redfield, he is pretty good I suppose. This Christmas Eve the Black Mask, who is growing in power and wishes to become Gotham’s feared crime lord, has set a fifty million dollar bounty on Batman’s head, and invited eight of the world’s finest assassins to hunt down Batman for one night. Among these villains are a more classical comic book Bane, Deadshot, the Joker (who is not voiced by Mark Hamill, the usual voice, he is voiced by another very good voice though who also does dead pool, and is one of the only actors who has ever done joker and batman in their career), and the main assassin is Deathstroke, or if you watched Teen Titans as a kid he would be known as Slade. The Penguin is in there somewhere too, and there is also a DLC where you can play as Deathstroke, which is awesome. As shown in E3 2013, this Arkham game has improved on many levels, which is unimaginable considering how perfect Arkham Asylum was, and then Arkham City topped that. The graphics highly improved, the map is much larger than Arkham City. Also in the game play there are random side events that occur on the street which you can prevent, such as a random mugging, or a drug deal. There are also side missions where you examine crime scenes in detective mode. Though no, this is not the ordinary go find the orange object out of the blue surroundings in detective mode examination, in this game you scan the environment, playback the crime, and play in forward according to your will, find a clue, go find where the clue from, add that to the playback event, and find other clues until you can piece together the entire event and find out the main conclusion on who did it. The melee combat is identical to that of the other games, which if I may repeat: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. There was a new enemy added to the combat, a martial artist, someone who can counter your attacks, and even counter your counters, I believe that this shall make fighting far more interesting. Also for the stealth segments a new weapon has been introduced, this weapon can grapple two things together and pull them to each other. This can temporarily take down two thugs, or it can make a tightrope for a silent tightrope takedown, among other things. One also has to give the plot props, for the player can really see the how evil the Joker is, and how gruesome the Black Mask is and it is also interesting to see how the new amateur Batman reacts to all of this. I believe this game is coming out sometimes fall/winter of this year.
       Moving on, there was a very brief Halo 5 showing in E3 2013, showing that the Master Chief possibly was out of the UNSC, or just traveling alone, until he encounters a giant promethean looking machine, meaning the Prometheans are for sure in the game. It has also been confirmed that Halo 5 will in fact be on the next generation consoles and the game shall be released in 2014. The Master Chief still has Cortana’s chip with him, meaning that he likely is searching for her in this game. Besides that many rumors are out and about, such as claiming that there are a few new vehicles, one is a hornet like vehicle, meanwhile the other one appears to be a futuristic motorcycle, which sounds fun to use though probably not useful in battle, like the mongoose. There are also rumors of a new enemy being in the game, a new type of covenant. There was also talk about Master Chief not necessarily being the single protagonist of the game, as was rumored said claiming that Master Chief will still be the protagonist, however they are going to also focus on other characters’ stories as well. This is like when the campaign was shared between Master Chief and the Arbiter in Halo 2. Yes, the entire Arbiter fan boys really want to see him come back, admittedly I do as well.
      Super Smash Bros game play was shown at E3. The characters revealed were Mario, Kirby, Pikachu, Pit, Donkey Kong, Samus, Yoshi, Olimar, Fox, Bowser and Link. There were three new faces shown as well: Villager from Animal Crossing, Wii fit trainer, and Mega Man, which was probably the greatest moment in any Mega Man fan’s life.  The game shall be released on the Wii U and the 3DS. The stages currently shown include the main battle stadium, Skyloft, New Hyrule (from Spirit Tracks), a Mega Man thing, Wii fit, village, and some other generic one. As far as I know nothing else has really been released about it yet, so keep your eye out SSB fans! There is currently no name for the game yet, it is just called Super Smash Bros. 4. The graphics are great, and final smashes are back, and nothing is known in terms of campaign yet. Also each character design has been redone and improved, also each character’s attack and control design is different and unique. Mega Man can use different types of gadgets with his arms, and villager can absorb attacks and reflect them, while using a variety of random village objects. On a personal note, the villager looks downright creepy to me, seriously, just look at his innocent face, his huge eyes, and his inhumanly wide smile, it just all says: I want to kidnap you and keep you in my basement”.  For that matter, his entire game was off, walking around talking to people, and as one who played the Game cube version at the age of six, there was some creepy stuff one could find. That doesn’t compare to the trainer woman who will beat you to death because you didn’t sign on to Wiii Fit for two years straight, I mean come on, I started going to a REAL gym. I am just kidding of course, this game looks great, and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.
          That is all for this week folks, so tune in next week for some newer news, for I realize some of this stuff has occurred over a month ago, I just needed to cover what news I missed. Brock Out!

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