Monday, August 5, 2013

August gaming news! Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, Super Mario Crossover 3

             Good evening everyone, today we have some more news about Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, and Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and I also have a little news about a new free online game that is really fun and interesting to check out!

              Remember in the previous article, at the end of my in depth Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag play through analysis I asked a very important question about the game? Who the heck is going in that animus again? Well Ubisoft Singapore (where they're making the game) actually answered that and gave us some screenshots. The primary player is a brand new Abstergo employee who apparently has no idea what he's getting into. Your new and not yet named protagonist can leave the animus any time he wants to go screw around in the open world-like building of Abstergo Industries (which actually from the screenshots has striking resemblance to Ubisoft's office). The protagonist has to do various tactical missions to find out more about the true secrets of his new job, by spying on people, hacking into systems, and other espionage-like stuff. The protagonist has a personal office, which has a bunch of figurines of Assassins Creed characters for some reason. Also the main protagonist will also be used in first person, as to make it more like a real human being, which is very interesting and I cannot wait to check it out! The questions still remain though, what is going on with all of Desmond's assassin friends, and what ever happened to Juno taking over the world, everything seems pretty normal right now anyway. Well I suppose we'll find that out when we get our hands on the game. Also the host from Escapist News went to visit Ubisoft Singapore. For those who are geographically challenged, Singapore is in Malaysia, or Southeast Asia, which is really tropical and a great environment to find influence for the game. There she learned more about details of the game. Edward Kenway has a fleet of different types of ships, some are better for different missions. The Schooner is very fast and small, for example. The underwater scuba diving includes under water free running, as in maneuvers that can be used with objects to accelerate speed. Another bit of information is that the method of scuba diving that is used in the game, carrying a huge anchor held air tank, with a breathing hole facing down and use it to breathe as one explore beneath the ocean, is actually what pirates used to explore shipwrecks, pirates actually kind of scuba dived! There are three types of sharks and three types of whales that one can harpoon hunt, and the animals are used to upgrade weapons, a method that was inspired by the Far Cry series. Despite being very cruel, the hunting looks very fun! The player has a harpoon ready, and the once the prey is spotted one throws the harpoon, and if they hit, the boat is sent dragging behind the harpoon wounded prey with a rope and the player has to hang on until the prey bleeds out.

      There has slowly grown a large buildup of news since the trailer release and game play release of A Link between Worlds, as well as many confirmations. In the new Zelda 3DS game it will have a large portion taking place in the dark world from A Link To The Past. The map in the new game is similar to A Link to the Past, though not identical because changes have been made. There are many enemies and weapons identical to A Link to the Past, such as a hammer. The game shall be released in November of this year. Also all of the weapons seem to run on a single energy meter that recharges itself, completely depleting the need for ammunition for various weapons, arrows, bombs, and magic. It is also said that the new Zelda game shall take place centuries after A Link to the Past. On a slightly irrelevant note Zelda Wii U production seems to be going very well and production is pretty successful, rumors say that the game might be done in late 2014, which is awesome!

          Exploding Rabbit studios is an online free video game production studio that completely runs on donations. They made two Mario clone games called Super Mario Crossover and Super Mario Crossover 2. The games did not only feature Marion, the player could also play as Samus, Link, Mega Man, Luigi, some guy from Castlevania, and some guy from Ninja Gaiden, and some guy from a  gun game. My apologies for not knowing a lot of the character references, I am from a more recent era after all.  In addition the player could choose different skins for each character from the NES version to the SNES and game boy versions of them. Even the maps could be customized to these consoles. In addition each character plays their own awesome theme songs during each level.  Also each specific character has their unique attacks from their games and upgrades from their own games, in a Mario world that is freaking awesome! Why am I talking about this though? Well, they made a third game, Super Mario Crossover 3. Besides having an all new map this game features more characters, and more skins, such as different side characters from each main character’s game. Also the maps can be customized to look like a specific character’s game. I really have nothing else to say, if this isn’t tripping you out with excitement then get the hell off of this blog and never come back. Otherwise check it out! You can also save your progress on your computer.

        There is no more news, so just because, I am going to show all of the readers my gaming purchase list for the last part of the year. These are the games that I suggest the most for the year, beginning from most important to least important.

1.       Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

2.       Grand Theft Auto V

3.       Batman: Arkham Origins

   If you aren’t really a fan of the batman games then discount that last one, bu out of all the new releasing games, even the new Battlefield, Call of Duty, or Legend of Zelda games that are coming out these are the games that I think shall be the best (I love Zelda games but I never was a fan of the DS). Well that seems like all I have to talk about tonight, there was not a lot of new information last week, but remember everyone, PAX Prime is coming up soon, a comic/video game convention, and Nintendo said that they were going to release new information about the Wii U Zelda game in a near future convention, sooooo………..?  Brock Out!


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