Monday, August 19, 2013

Late August news,

         Good evening readers, tonight there is actually quite a bit of news to go through. Firstly, Activision (the studio that brought us the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games) had a conference about Call of Duty: Ghosts, which featured Eminem for fifteen seconds!!!! I know, so incredibly exciting right? That was sarcasm by the way. Also there was a new seven minute play through on Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag which focused on the stealth aspects of the game. These are only two stories but they’re huge stories which contain excessive information for the enthusiastic fan. Therefore without further due, let us begin.
          The Activision conference begins with the host (some kind of producer of the game) talking about how over the last half decade Call of Duty has become one of the most iconic things in all entertainment in general, and the way they describe it is quite intriguing, and it makes one think. There is without a doubt of how publicly huge and successful he franchise has become. There are references to the series in about every famous television program including talk shows, celebrities express their enthusiasm for the games, the series is always talked about on national news especially near the annual release date in November. It is one large piece that builds society’s pastime today, sitting beside Facebook, and Youtube in famous forms of entertainment that forms modern culture, mostly in the United States. Then they show the brand new online multiplayer trailer, one of the most noticeable things being that the soundtrack behind the trailer is an Eminem song, one that isn’t even out yet. The trailer shows a combination of brand new features, and the same old perfected online multiplayer experience, in which the producers go into more depth afterwards, therefore I shall write the details. After the trailer Eminem shows up on screen, describing his enthusiasm about Call of Duty and that a lot of his music from his brand new album is in the game, then he leaves. Sorry if you were expecting a historic speech. Then the main host gives the attention to another producer who then describes and presents many details about the new game.
            Treyarch’s Dolphin dive, except the player does not enter prone, and this much helps to escape gunfire. There are apparently many new weapons in comparison to Modern Warfare 3, in fact 80% more weapons to be approximate. They also created a new weapon class, known as marksman rifles.  This class is basically the hybrid of assault rifles and snipers, a lot like most of the weapons from World at War. Personally as that is my favorite Call of Duty game and I love those types of semi-auto accurate rifles I am so psyched for this! There are also many more perks that one can use in the game. The producers admired how flexible the point system was in the Black Ops II customization; therefore they did basically the same thing. This gives a lot of freedom for strategizing classes, and example they mention was that the player could manipulate their point spending to have almost all of the perks, while having only one weapon with no attachments or grenades. I am personally quite excited to use this. A new fresh thing that they brought in for this game was personal soldier customization. That is correct; the player can now customize their appearance to look unique in the game and not just be the same soldier as everyone else. One can customize equipment on soldier, camouflage, outfit, and even gender. Yep, the player can play as a woman soldier now! Oh what a world we currently live in! In addition the sound effects are so advanced for this game that shooting outside makes a different echo noise than from shooting inside which is louder with no echo! The player now has many new maneuvers that he may use in combat, for example leaning. This can be used to attack from cover of walls or to avoid fire. One can also vault over ledges, making this movement faster and the player can still fire their weapon while doing this. The third and final new maneuver is the knee slide, which is basically like
                   The maps of the new online multiplayer also include interaction with the environment. One can blow up walls to navigate easier through the map, or blow up a building or a gas station for cover; this means a lot more strategy in the game. There are also a number of new modes to play online. Among these is one where the player can revive their teammates. Another one is where the player has to achieve a kill in their time limit or they explode, and if they achieve a kill they gain a perk and become faster. This means one must kill a lot, and if they succeed they become more and more powerful as they kill more though they mustn’t stop killing. This sounds like a very exciting fast paced game mode. Another game mode is a Squad game, where the player is playing cooperatively with five other online teammates, and must take down a squad of powerful strategically placed AI enemies. One can make their own Squad map with enemies and specific settings and challenge their friends, or try their friends created maps. If anyone cares about my opinion about this game or the series in general, I was in love with World at War as a child and grew up from age ten playing that and Halo 3 as my first online shooter games ever (I played the other Halo games before though but this was a new online level). Then over the years Call of Duty disappointed me more and more with never ever making anything that new, and cheeping me out every year with only a month or two of entertainment, and then realizing it was just the same thing and I wasted my time with the  one new mode, whether survival or Zombies. I despised the series, was a hater if you will, then everything changed when Black Ops II came out. It improved everything so much and made it feel new! I liked that game a lot, and in fact I still play it when I get the time. This game gave me faith in Call of Duty after it was terrible and frankly “sucked” for so many years. This is why I am excited and have faith in this new game. Shall I but it? No, not this year anyway, I simply do NOT have the time, there are so many good games coming out because of the new generation, but I am only going to buy Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag and Batman: Arkham Origins.  Maybe in many months away when I finish those games and no new good ones have come out yet, then I might purchase that and the new grand Theft Auto, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about this new game, I actually really like this new Call of Duty as of right now!

                        On to the other piece of news, the producer of Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag had another play through of the game, similar to the thirteen minute open world play from the other week, except this one focuses on stealth. It begins from Edward’s ship, at a point in the story when he is after a templar arms dealer, so likely further in the game than the last play through. The producer first finds an underwater cave that leads to treasure, therefore he goes scuba diving. To do this they use a giant upside-down metal “bell” known as a water bell to get air deep beneath the surface, an actual thing that pirates really used. The underwater graphics is amazing as Edward navigates through, he spots a shark which is quite frightening, with the fear of almost really spotting a shark. Fortunately Edward is too far from the shark to be noticed and safely reaches a cavern. It turns out that this cavern has four guards in it, and unfortunately when Edward Scuba dives he has no weapons or armor. He crept it behind a wall and whistled for a guard to come. The enemies in this game have specific classes, this guard was an agile, who carries throwing blades and knives. The producer took out the enemy stealthily, and grabbed his knife. Edward then went atop a tent and used the blade to kill another guard. This attracts the two remaining guards, then Edward air assassinates one (with his fist it appears, jumping on top of people from high up does hurt A LOT I suppose). Then the producer is facing the only remaining enemy, in which he merely deflects his attack to take his weapon, and then kill him. Edward claims his treasure, climbs out of the cave and gets back onto his ship.
                     The next segment in the play through shows when The Jackdog arrives at Havana, one of the three actual cities in the game. The city looks great, and the buildings are high and close, perfect for free running. In the city Edward takes an optional assassination contract to take down a templar. In these missions there are optional objectives, which is not new, optional objectives have been available since Assassins Creed: Brotherhood for extra DNA game completion, except in this game, the optional objectives are worth EXTRA MONEY!!! This is a huge incentive to do extra objectives! The optional objective in this mission is to not be detected. Edward arrives on the rooftops around a courtyard with a number of guards and the target. The producer activates eagle vision to “tag” the guards; this means even after eagle vision is done one can still see the guards highlighted even through walls. Edward stealthily takes down one of the rooftop guards and then the producer explains how there are so many ways to take down the target as one pleases. The producer used free aiming in his gun, and shot an explosive barrel which killed the target and another guard, good strategy! With the mission complete Edward escapes the scene as to not be caught, and goes to a weapon shop. In the game Edward can get up to four pistols to hold at once, and one can shoes to buy one of many different types of pistols. I also spotted a number of ship upgrades in the menu, such as ram strength, hull armor, different positioned cannons, many swords, different types of sails, and even a decoration head for the ship.
                                 The next segment shows when Edward is going for the main objective assassination. To navigate through the guard filled village, Edward uses a new hiding spot, a door, which he used to assassinate a guard from. Then made a large distraction by blowing a berserker dart at a guard and making the guard go, well, berserk! The producer then free ran Edward to the ship, climbed up from the hull while stealthily assassinating guards, then on the large giant class ship known as the “Man of War” he took out some guards using his new pistols and killed the target templar arms dealer with a headshot. That concluded the play through. Well I am super excited! What about you guys?! Everyone enjoy the final weeks or days or moments of their summer! Brock Out!


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