Monday, August 12, 2013

Mid-August news, and Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap review

         Good evening readers, there isn’t really much news about video games, a little update here and there, however I did something else interesting the previous week. Those who watched my top thirteen Legend of Zelda games would know that there are three games in the series I haven’t played yet, Minish Cap and the two Four Swords games. I played Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap this week and I will do a review on the game. As for the other two Four Swords games, I do not intend to play them. When I tried to play them, I learned that it was a necessity to have more than one player, or else one cannot play. WHAT THE HELL NINTENDO? No one I know likes Legend of Zelda therefore I have no other people to play with, imagine if I purchased one of those games honestly and legally for money??! I wouldn’t even be able to play it and lose my money. Therefore if anyone was wondering the four Swords games are dead last on my Zelda list because no matter how good they are some people cannot even play them even if they have the games. Before I review Minish Cap here is a bit of news update on some upcoming games.
             As many know, this Holiday season Nintendo is releasing a remake of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for the Wii U. The game will be almost identical to the original GameCube game, just with a few already known changes, such as and HD graphics revamp, and a shortened triforce quest near the end of the game. There have been a few more updates on the new release. In the new game there will be a new side quest in which Link can get a “swift sail” that is very fast, and has a red symbol, unlike the original with a blue wave symbol.  This will make sea travel much more fast and efficient, for the few people who can actually get bored when sailing on the open sea in the game. Also for those who care the items menu has been updated to look very interesting. Here is an image of it so I mustn’t go through the trouble of attempting to describe the new menu to you. In addition for those who care the tingle tuner has been changed to have new properties and aspects in the game, not using the original “Tingle Tuner” which attached to the Game boy Advanced.

               There has been a little more news on the currently being produced Star Wars: Battlefront 3 game, it has been confirmed that the game will be in third person, staying true to its predecessors. My personal hopes are that this new game will bring back everything that made the older games great, just like classes, the maps, vehicles, and Jedi, and those galactic conquests, meanwhile having new spice and bring new shooter aspects to the table. That is really it for this game’s news for now.

                   It took me five days to beat Minish Cap, and to be honest the game was a little short, not to say that it was not filled with tons of fun things to do. One thing that I really found fascinating about the game was that it had brought aspects from every other Zelda game, and brought its own spice into play. It has a very similar soundtrack to A Link to the Past, while a lot of the sound effects and vocal sounds come from the Nintendo 64 games. The characters and humans derive from Wind Waker and the Nintendo 64 games. The over world enemies and game play are very similar to the game boy games and Wind Waker.  There are aspects of wind, but also an Ocarina that can teleport the player. The dungeons are very similar to the game boy games, and there is even one mini dungeon with the original Legend of Zelda dungeon theme and has original enemies. Meanwhile the game has its own species, known as the Minish, the kinstone side quest is very entertaining and makes me interested in interacting with different characters. The over world is rich and filled with secrets and activities. The dungeons are strategic and fun, and the combat is excellent. The soundtrack is great; the plot was fun basic one that did the job right with interesting characters, it was one a good plot but still not as good as the heart wrenching Wind Waker or Skyward Sword plots. Vaati was an interesting villain, and Ezlo was an interesting character as well. If I were to put this on my list of greatest Zelda games, this would be number seven on my list, being my favorite two dimensional Zelda game. I prsonally give the game a nine out of ten, being nearly flawless. Well that is all for today, there has not been a lot of new news lately, if any reader wishes for me to analyze a specific piece of news feel free to specify so in the comments. Brock Out!

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  1. Oh, I agree with you! I like Minish Cap and Four Swords too! I don't play them often, because I am busy, but sometimes I play it! And I like to play other old games too! I use to get free roms