Monday, December 9, 2013

Call of Duty Didn't Win Best Shooter Two Years in a Row? About Time

If you've ever taken the time to check through this blog, then you would probably learn two things about me.

1.  I really like Majora's Mask

2.  I really hate the Call of Duty franchise

I've ranted about this before, so I'll keep it short.  It's not so much Call of Duty in itself that I can't stand. Modern Warfare was released that I played the game pretty consistently.  But over the years a single game wears itself out, and that's what the entire Call of Duty franchise is: A single game with a yearly $60 map pack.  However, I hate Activision far more than I hate Call of Duty, as I believe that they are the one's that are truly keeping the game from blossoming any further, forcing a game to come out yearly so that they can make the most profit off of it, and, if the developer goes against anything they say, then they will fire them immediately (See Infinity Ward after Modern Warfare 2).
There was even a time back when the original

But this year the the Video Game Award's (I'm going to call it VGA because VGX is just stupid and confusing), Bioshock: Infinite won the award for best shooter.  I loved Bioshock: Infinite, and I loved it for an array of reasons, but lets be honest, the shooting aspect of the game was not its strong point in the least.  However, that being said, it went up against Call of Duty and won, dethroning the "champ" for two years in a row now, something that hasn't happened since 2006. (Last year it went to Borderlands 2, highly deserving of this title).  And while I, and many others, feel like the award should have gone to Last Metro, the cold hard truth is that the game simply isn't mainstream enough for it to receive this award, and I'll take Bioshock over Call of Duty any day.

Honestly, it makes me pretty damn happy.  I've heard of a heck of a lot of negative feedback towards CoD: Ghosts this year, and I can see the shifting change of people finally, FINALLY getting sick of Call of Duty.  Of course, there's always going to be those hardcore players who continue with the franchise, and that's fine, but I think the public opinion of finally beginning to sway towards my side, getting sick of Activision making the same reproduction of a game every single year, and I like that.

To add to my overall happiness, CoD: Ghosts sales numbers are down from last year, and the negative reviews have been piling up.  I hope that this is finally the turn of events that I, and many others, have been waiting for, and Call of Duty finally crashes and burns up with Guitar Hero, the last franchise that Activision drove into the ground.

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  1. I for one have played Ghost for about two weeks uninstalled the dman game and went back to Black Ops 2 which is not a whole lot better but at least I know the short comings and can play around it